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Terra Restaurant Review Jasper- A Culinary Experience Inspired by the Earth

Terra Restaurant Review Jasper- A Culinary Experience Inspired by the Earth
The entrance to Terra restaurant in Jasper.

Jasper’s newest restaurant, Terra, is a unique eatery that gives guests a literal “taste” of Jasper. Located inside The Crimson Hotel, Terra boasts dishes made using local ingredients that bring the heart of Jasper into each and every item on the menu. In Latin, Terra means Earth, which is the exact vibe that the menu gives guests through its various takes on cuisine that often utilizes unexpected but delicious ingredients found within Jasper. Terra opened on June 10th, 2022, and Wander Woman Travel Magazine attended a media preview event where we got to sample the menu and learn about the conception of Terra Restaurant in Jasper. We wanted to give our readers an honest Terra restaurant review Jasper. Overall, we were impressed by the unique approach that Terra took to incorporate the flavors of Jasper. This restaurant will make a wonderful and unique addition to the dining scene in Jasper.

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A picture of a man making cocktails.
Terra has some refreshing “Mountain-Inspired” cocktails. Here is the Strawbarb Pie Mule being made.

Does Terra Live up to Its Name?

In several languages, the meaning of Terra is quite simply, the Earth. When you dine at Terra restaurant in Jasper, it becomes quite clear why the restaurant was given its name. The menu includes local ingredients and takes into account the availability of these ingredients by changing menu items seasonally. With menu items such as the shared whole trout plate with wild rice, capers, brown butter, lemon, and fiddleheads from Jasper’s nearby rivers, it is hard not to feel like the chefs are knowledgeable about the area and have been inspired by the Earth when curating this amazing menu.

A picture of the bar at Terra restaurant Jasper.
The interior of Terra has a modern rustic vibe. Photo via Pursuit/Terra.

Meet Chef Tyler Tays, Head Chef at Terra Restaurant.

The Head Chef at Terra, Tyler Tays has put a great deal of thought and attention to the menu.“There is a burgeoning culinary scene within Jasper that is showcasing fresh and modern fare and we are privileged to be part of this vibrant foodie movement,” Chef Tays states in a press release for Pursuit. He goes on to say, “Terra’s mountain-inspired menu will introduce flavors influenced by nature and carefully crafted with regionally sourced ingredients resulting in dishes that will surprise and delight.” 

Terra’s “Mountain Inspired Cocktails”.

With a variety of creative cocktails to choose from, Terra restaurant is sure to please even the pickiest cocktail connoisseur. Using fresh ingredients the “Mountain-Inspired Cocktails” are perfect to sip on after a day exploring the beautiful area. Try the Subalpine Lemonade, made with  Epitaph Blue Gin, blueberries, juniper berries, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Or try our personal favorite the Strawbarb Pie Mule with Wild Life Strawberry Rhubarb Gin, craft mule syrup, soda, and lime. Both cocktails are refreshing and perfect for sipping on Terra’s beautiful new patio this summer. Terra also makes an impressive Old Fashioned for whiskey lovers and the menu has an impressive list of craft beers and wines. 

A picture of Fried Green Tomatoes at Terra restaurant Jasper.
Terra’s Fried Green Tomatoes was one of our favorites.
A picture of some of the small plates at Terra restaurant Jasper.
The small plates at Terra are just as special as the large plates and mains.

Small Plates- Terra Restaurant Review Jasper

While Terra has some spectacular main dishes, we were also very impressed at the thought given to the small plates. As some appetizers to try, we had Fried Green Tomatoes, Candied Salmon, Buttermilk Maitake Mushrooms, and Bone Marrow to try. All of these dishes were unique and delicious but our favorites were the Fried Green Tomatoes with farmers’ cheese, ramp pistou, and the Bone Marrow with chanterelles, confit shallots, sourdough, parsley salad, and dandelion. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten dandelions before but the flavor paired nicely in this dish. During our main course, we also tried Roasted Carrots, Corn Ribs, and Garlic Beans. We loved how flavourful these vegetable plates were.

A picture of Candied Salmon at Terra Restaurant Jasper.
The candied salmon reminded me of salmon jerky with a sweet coating. It was a tasty combination of savory and sweet.

Shared Plates- Terra Restaurant Review Jasper

Since we were on a media trip with a bigger group, Terra treated us to a massive version of their Whole Trout. The dish contains fresh trout (sourced from Calgary), wild rice, capers, brown butter, lemon, and fiddleheads plucked from nearby rivers within Jasper National Park. We also tried the Smoked Bison Tomahawk Steak featuring spruce salt, grilled scallions, king oyster mushroom,  and anchovy butter. Both plates were seeping with flavors. I would definitely order these dishes again!

A picture of a cooked trout at Terra Restaurant Jasper.
By far the biggest trout I have ever seen! This was a much larger portion than the menu version but nonetheless still delicious.

Dessert Menu- Terra Restaurant Review Jasper

One thing about me is that I can’t say no to dessert. I definitely have a sweet tooth. We had two desserts to try as well as the Harvest Moon cocktail from Terras “After Dinner Collection”. The cocktail tasted like apple pie in a cup and contained Back Country Apple Liqueur, Eau Claire Trailblazer Vodka, ginger syrup, and fresh lemon. For desserts, we tasted the Beaver Tail and the Wild Rose Ice Cream. A Canadian Staple, Terras Beaver Tail gives a gourmet twist to the famous Canadian pastry. The Wild Rose Ice Cream was creamy and flavourful and paired nicely with sponge toffee. It gave a perfect texture combination of creamy and crunchy.

Terra Restaurant Jasper: Our Overall Review

Our experience of the restaurant was during a media preview before the restaurant officially opened so we can’t speak about the service of the restaurant. We loved the ambiance of the restaurant and found the atmosphere to be welcoming and modern. More importantly, the food was outstanding. We could tell that the menu was intentional with all dishes containing local ingredients and giving an “Earthy” vibe. Our favorite menu items were the Bone Marrow and the Whole Trout but we loved all the small plates as well. Terra has been open in Jasper since the start of June and we can’t wait to visit the restaurant the next time we are in the area to see everything in action.

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