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Porcupine Ridge – A Wonderful Hike in Kananaskis

Porcupine Ridge – A Wonderful Hike in Kananaskis

I always feel like the summer flies by in a blink and I am never able to complete as many hikes or camping trips as I would have liked. This year, Garrett and I made it a priority to go hiking whenever we both have a free day or even a few spare hours in the afternoon. It was a surprise when we both realized that we didn’t have plans on a random Sunday in June and we quickly decided to head out to the mountains. Since we made these hiking plans super last minute (that very morning!) We were looking to do a hike near Calgary. I was also wanting to do a hike that I hadn’t done before so I quickly decided on Porcupine Ridge as it takes less than an hour to get to the trailhead from our home in Cochrane, Alberta. This hike had been recommended to me by several friends and we were excited to see what Porcupine Ridge was all about!

Porcupine Creek in Kananaskis.
As you follow the creek there will be several points in which you will have to cross.

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Getting to the Trailhead 

As we started to drive out to the mountains, I looked up Porcupine Ridge on All Trails in order to get directions to the trailhead. If you use the All Trails directions it will take you to the Wasootch Creek Day Use Area where you will need to hike an extra 1 km to get to Porcupine Creek and start the hike. I didn’t mind this option as the extra hike was a flat and peaceful walk through the forest. The other option is to drive directly to Porcupine Creek by heading South on Highway 40 for 16.5 km. Either way, I highly recommend downloading the trail map for this hike as it can be confusing to find the correct trail without it.

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A girl and a dog crossing Porcupine Creek by balancing on a few logs.
One of the more stable river crossings. Balance is key!

Porcupine Ridge Hike Description

From Porcupine Creek, the hike is approximately 9.2 km (5.7 miles) with 713 meters of elevation gain. If you start your hike from Wasootch Creek Day Use Area as we did, you will be hiking 10.8 km with 904 meters of elevation gain. This hike is a challenging hike but the trail was in good condition and is quite popular. It took us around 5 hours round-trip to complete this hike.

The most confusing part of this hike is the first portion where you follow Porcupine Creek in order to get to the base of Porcupine Ridge. Starting from the bridge you will head South following the creek, you will need to cross the creek several times as the trail ends on one side and continues on the other. There were usually logs positioned to carefully cross over but it might be wise to bring water shoes or a spare pair of hiking socks. Hiking poles would also help a great deal with balancing across these logs and rocks. Garrett lost his balance at one point and ended up soaking one of his feet, resulting in him hiking up the mountain with a damp foot. Bummer. Eventually, you will come to an area where the river forks in two different directions. In the center will be where the ascent begins. 

Outdoor rock climbers.
There are many outdoor rock climbers near the trailhead.

The hike is quite steep for the first hour so expect to get your sweat on. After about an hour of hard work, you’ll reach a clearing and this is where the gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains can be seen in full force. The next portion will be a little easier so enjoy it while it lasts! Continue up the trail and eventually, you will get to a memorial with a golf club and a spectacular viewpoint. We stopped for lunch here before continuing on as it was decently sheltered from the wind. 

A golf club memorial near the top of Porcupine Ridge in Kananaskis.
This golf club memorial is a great place to stop for lunch while you’re still somewhat sheltered.

The next part looked scarier than it was. There is a crevice that you must shimmy up to get onto the ridge. I was worried about our dogs but they did it with no problem and it was a short scramble (about 5 meters). After this, you can continue along the ridge to get to the summit. I’ll be honest we didn’t continue to the true summit as the exposure made us nervous and we were happy with the views from where we were at. Regardless, of whether you make it to the very top or only part way up this hike was undeniably gorgeous and the trail was relatively easy to follow. 

A girl and a dog scrambling up a mountain.
This portion looked scarier than it was. Its a short climb up to the top.

Is Porcupine Ridge Trail Dog Friendly?

We brought both our pups up this trail and they did really well. It was Bowie’s first summit hike and she did amazing. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and make sure to pick up after your pets. I was worried about the dogs on the short scramble section but they both tackled it like pros! The creek at the start and the end of the hike is a nice spot for them to have a drink or a swim but I definitely recommend you bring spare water for the dogs as the hike is quite exposed. I really like this collapsable dog bowl

A girl and a dog on a trail.
Our dogs loved Porcupine Ridge! The trail was easy for them to follow and they had a blast!

Important Things to Bring Hiking

It’s always important to be prepared while hiking in the Rockies. Here is a list of hiking essentials:

Lastly, don’t forget that to visit Kananaskis you need to purchase a Kananaskis Conservation Pass. You can purchase one online or by visiting the Barrier Lake Visitors Centre.

A man and a dog at the top of Porcupine Ridge.
Garrett and Bowie are at the summit, enjoying the gorgeous views all around us.

Where to Stay near Porcupine Ridge

There are several great accommodation options near the trail. You can stay in Kananaskis Village or Canmore. Here are some of our top recommendations:

A couple taking a selfie at the summit of Porcupine Ridge in Kananaskis
What a great hike! Obviously had to snap a selfie at the top.
A short video of our hike up to Porcupine Ridge.

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