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Late Night Run

Late Night Run

Oh the glamorous life of a travel writer who isn’t me… Here’s a little rant from a trip I took to the Florida Keys. It involved an unplanned late night run.

Getting to the Hotel

-Arrived at Miami airport at 10:30 pm last night after two flight delays. Can’t find driver anywhere. Call PR guy (Jerry). After brief delay, am on my way to Florida Keys resort – driver says it will take a little over 2 hours.

-Get text from husband. Informs me I am leading the family March Madness Pool. Know nothing about US college basketball – Yay me!

-Fall asleep in back of vehicle – snoring may have occurred.

Arriving at the Hotel

-Arrive at destination. Driver believes we are going to gated condominium complex. I say I think I must be staying at the hotel. Driver says he’s pretty sure he’s right on this one. I say let’s stop at hotel. I get out and take my purse with me – leave rest of stuff in car in case I’m wrong.

-Can’t find front desk person. Finally locate front desk person. Checks me into hotel room – I am right; driver is wrong. Yay me!!

-Walk out to vehicle. Driver removes bag from back of vehicle. Give him sizable tip – despite him being difficult to find and wanting to take me to wrong final destination – he did put up with snoring.

-Watch driver pull away to make the 2 hour trip back to Miami.

When Things Fell Off the Rails

An image of a hole in front of tree on a meridian
See that shadow in front of the tree? It’s not just a shadow. It’s a deep hole.

This next bit happens in under 10 seconds:
-Realize I left coat in back of car. Think about calling driver on cell phone. Realize cell phone is in pocket of coat. Can live without coat in Florida, do not want to lose cell phone.
-Run after car frantically waving arms. Car turns in parking lot and starts driving in other direction. Decide to run across grass meridian – better chance driver might see me frantically waving arms. May be able to get in front of car. In the darkness, do not see hole in grass. Foot goes into hole and splat – am now lying face down on meridian. Look up to see lights of car pulling out of parking lot. Arm is bleeding and left ankle is hurting.

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I’m not Very Smart – after Midnight

This next bit all occurs in about 5-10 minutes at about 1 am:
-Think about calling driver from front desk phone. Realize his phone number is in cell phone.
-Think about calling PR guy, because he has driver’s cell number. Realize PR guy’s phone number is also in cell phone.
-Have laptop computer. May be able to locate PR guy’s phone number on last email. Could use room phone to call PR guy. Hobble up to room.
-Computer will not start. Oh ##***!!! Panic. Hit return key multiple times. Plug in computer. Still not firing up. ##***!!! Panic again.
-Realize there are computers in lobby. Leave bags in room and hobble back down to lobby. Front desk guy sees bleeding arm. Offers to call driver from front desk phone. Provides cool cloth to wipe off blood – feels so good. Thank you front desk guy. You may not have been there when I wanted to check in, but you came through when I really needed you!
-Look up last email from PR guy. No cell phone number. ##**!!! Remember that I wrote cell phone number down. It’s on a paper in my laptop case.
-Hobble back up to room. Get paper. Hobble back down to lobby. Call and wake up PR guy.

An image of a swimming pool in the Florida Keys
I could have taken a better picture of the hotel pool, but let’s not forget – I was injured.

Current Status

-Relaxing with cell phone poolside. Must enjoy Florida Keys – may never be invited back again after waking PR guy up at 1 am.
Note: Wrote this post on laptop which is now working perfectly.

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