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Hiking the Wave in Arizona Just Got Easier!

Hiking the Wave in Arizona Just Got Easier!

Hiking the Wave in Arizona is an experience of a lifetime, but you have to win a lottery to get a permit to do it. According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), 200,589 people applied for 7,300 permits to hike the wave in 2019. The odds of success in 2019 were about 3.5 percent and the number of applicants is similar today. My husband and I were in that 3.5 percent. As of Feb 1, 2021 the BLM increased the number of permits from 20 people per day to 64 people per day. This made it a little easier to get a permit for one of the world’s most exclusive hikes. You still need luck, but there are things you can do to increase your odds of winning a permit and things you should do to have a successful hike.

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An image of a couple hiking the wave in Arizona, USA.
We had The Wave to ourselves for at least two hours and we took our time taking photographs. It’s an incredible spot for photography buffs.

What is The Wave?

The Wave is a spectacular red sandstone formation that looks like a wave of water. The hike to the wave is 6.3 miles (10.1 km) out and back in the Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area. The route to the wave is not well-marked, because it lies in a wilderness area. The hike begins in Utah and ends in Arizona. The sandstone formation known as The Wave is actually located in Arizona.

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An image of a woman hiking the wave in Arizona, USA.
It’s unusual to see water in The Wave and the water made for interesting pictures. Photo by Greg Olsen.

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One of the World’s Most Instagrammable Destinations

An image of a man standing in The Wave in Arizona, USA
The red colors in the rock were pronounced after several days of rain and there was water at the bottom, which you almost never see. Photo by Debbie Olsen.
An image of a man hiking the wave in Arizona, USA.
There are so many different angles for great photos inside The Wave. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

How We Won the Lottery to Hike the Wave in Arizona

When we hiked The Wave, we won the permit in the in-person lottery. The in-person lottery has since been replaced with Coyote Buttes North Daily Lottery. The principles are the same though – you must be in the area to enter the daily lottery. We increased our odds of winning the lottery by showing up in February. Less people apply for daily permits during the off season and this increased our odds. There were 60 people at the in-person lottery who applied for 10 permits. During the peak season, there would have been many more people at the in-person draw.

An image of a woman looking at the terrain in the Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area in Utah, USA.
Take a look at this terrain and you’ll understand how people get lost in the Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area. photo by Greg Olsen.

How Do You Apply for a permit to hike the wave?

There are two ways to apply for a permit to Hike the Wave – the Coyote Buttes North Advanced Lottery or the Coyote Buttes North Daily Lottery. Advance lottery applications are submitted 4 months in advance of the hike date. Applications for the daily lottery must be submitted two days in advance of the hike date. You must be in the geofence area to apply for the daily lottery. The daily lottery must be done on a mobile phone through an app. The phone will be able to monitor whether you are in the geofence location and are allowed to apply. This is why applications for the daily lottery cannot be done on a desktop or a laptop computer. If you win a permit in the daily lottery, you will be notified at 715 pm on the day you apply. You must accept the permit and pay the fees by 8 AM the following morning and attend a safety briefing or the permit will be void. You cannot arrive late.

How many permits are available each day for hiking the wave?

A maximum of 64 people receive permits to hike the wave each day. 48 people or 12 groups (whichever comes first) receive permits to hike the wave from the Advanced Lottery. 16 people or 4 groups (whichever comes first) receive permits through the daily lottery. The maximum group size for both lotteries is 6 people. There are no refunds for lottery applications or permits, and permits cannot be rescheduled for any reason. You also cannot give your permit to someone else. Everyone, regardless of age, must be included in the permit. This includes infants that are not walking. Only those whose name appears on the permit are allowed to hike The Wave.

Can I Hike the Wave with my dog?

Yes! Dogs can hike The Wave! Dogs do not count against the quota, but there is a fee to bring a dog and they need to be included in the permit. You can add a dog to the permit during the confirmation process following a successful lottery application.

Do You Need a Permit for a Guide?

If a group succeeds in the lottery application and gets a permit, they can hire an authorized guide and that guide will not count against the group size or the daily visitor limit. Each group is only allowed one guide. This is what we did. After winning the daily lottery, we hired a guide to take us there. It was one of the best decisions we made.

Bad Roads – When Hiring a Guide Really Pays Off

It had been raining for several days before our scheduled permit day. BLM staff said the roads were the worst they had ever seen. They weren’t even sure if it would be possible to get into the trailhead for the wave. Under optimal conditions it takes a 4WD vehicle to get to the trailhead. We were driving an SUV with 4WD, but we didn’t have much experience driving on muddy dirt roads. Instead of renting a jeep or a hummer, we hired Mike Henrie with Kanab Western Adventures to be our guide. It was the best decision we could have made. There are two routes into the trailhead. He knew the best way to go and he was experienced driving the roads in adverse conditions. There were 20 people with permits that day. We were the first to arrive at the wave and we had it all to ourselves for almost two hours. Three other people made it into the wave that day – one lone hiker and another couple. They got there just as we were leaving. The rest did not make it to the trailhead.

An image of a muddy road on the drive to the wave hike in Arizona, USA.
The road to the trailhead for The Wave hike becomes almost impassible after two days of heavy rains. Photo by Greg Olsen.

Lost Hikers – The Other Car at the Trailhead

After several days of heavy rain, the drive into The Wave trailhead was pretty wild. When we arrived at the parking lot near the trailhead, there was a car already there. The car was clean, which means it had been there for a while. If they had driven the muddy road, the car would have been filthy. We checked the sign-in log and two hikers had signed in and not signed back out. The permit on the vehicle dash indicated they should have returned the day before. They were lost. We took a picture of their permit and at a high point on the trail, we were able to get a cell signal and call the BLM rangers. People get lost hiking to The Wave in Arizona every year.

An image of a car at the parking lot ear the trailhead for the wave hike in Arizona, USA.
At first we thought someone might have made it to the trailhead before us. Then we noticed the car was clean and the permit on the dash was expired. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Hiking The Wave – One of the Most Amazing Hikes in Arizona

After parking at the trailhead, we placed a permit on the dash of the vehicle, signed the log book and walked across the road to begin the hike. We walked down a wash for a little more than half a mile and followed our guide further into the Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area. When you’re hiking The Wave in Arizona, it’s important to know that there is not a well-marked trail. If you’re doing the hike on your own, a GPS tracker can be invaluable. If you don’t have a GPS, be sure to follow the directions carefully and take plenty of water – especially in summer.

An image of a hiker in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area in Utah, USA.
After heavy rain, the dry wash you cross to get to the trailhead wasn’t very dry. This is a pictures of our guide, Mike Henrie with Kanab Western Adventures. Photo by Greg Olsen.
An image of a couple standing at the trailhead for Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area in Utah, USA.
There is a marked trailhead not far from the parking lot. Another bonus of hiring a guide – you can get pictures with both of you in them.
An image of a man and a woman hiking in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness area in Utah, USA.
There is a marked trail for a short distance after you pass the trailhead sign. After that, you have to follow landmarks when you’re hiking to The Wave in Arizona. Photo by Greg Olsen.
An image of the boundary between the state of Utah and the state of Arizona on the Wave hike.
A fence and a gate mark the boundary between the state of Utah and the state of Arizona.
An image of a man hiking to The Wave in Arizona, USA.
You pass through a lot of fascinating terrain on your way to The Wave. Photo by Greg Olsen.
An image of beautiful rock formations in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area, Utah, USA.
There are many beautiful rock formations in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area. Photo by Greg Olsen.

We opted to avoid the stress and hire an experienced guide to take us to and from The Wave safely. We loved every minute of the hike and temperatures in February made it a relatively easy hike to do. In the summer months, temperatures can be over 100°F (37°C) with little or no shade and no water. The views were fantastic on the way in and there were many fascinating rock formations to see – including The Wave itself. After several days of heavy rains, we got to see The Wave with water in it – a rare site in this dry landscape.

An image of a couple standing at The Wave in Arizona, USA.
The rock formation is known as the wave, because it looks like a wave of water you could surf on.
An image of a woman at The Wave in Arizona, USA.
Reaching the Wave is the highlight of the hike. Photo by Greg Olsen.

What Happened to the Lost Hikers?

Having The Wave all to ourselves was absolutely amazing and we stayed there a long time taking pictures. We took our time exploring other fascinating rock formations in the area as well. As we were driving out in the late afternoon, we passed a BLM ranger and our guide asked about the lost hikers. The two female hikers had managed to hike out to an access road where they were found by rangers. The rangers got them back to their car and one of the rangers helped them dive the vehicle back out to the main paved road.

An image of a woman hiking near the wave in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness area in Arizona, USA.
This is a cool little slot canyon area near The Wave. Photo by Greg Olsen.

The Wave Lottery – New Rules

The Wave lottery for hiking permits is one of the only legal lotteries in the state of Utah, a lottery-free state. The new rules for the lottery are as follows:

  • There is an advance online lottery and a daily lottery for Coyote Buttes North (The Wave) hiking permits.
  • 48 people or 12 groups per day (whichever comes first) will be awarded permits through the advance online lottery four months in advance.
  • Sixteen people or four groups per day (whichever comes first) will be awarded permits two days in advance using the daily lottery.
  • Full details about permits can be found on the official government website.

What to Bring When You’re Hiking the Wave in Arizona

There is no shade and it gets very hot when you’re hiking in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area. Start your hike early in the day and bring a hydration daypack with snacks and extra water in your pack and in the vehicle. Make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses. If you wish to hike with poles, make sure you have rubber covers for the tips of the poles. Otherwise you might damage the fragile landscape. If you’re hiking on your own, you may wish to bring a GPS Tracker. It’s a good idea to wear bright clothing. It photographs better and it’s easier for Search and Rescue to spot you if you get lost. A 4-WD vehicle is recommended for driving to The Wave – especially in adverse road conditions. You can rent 4-WD jeeps locally. It should be noted that we passed people who had rented a jeep and got stuck on the road leading to the trailhead. If you get stuck, you will have to pay to get towed and it can be quite costly. Also, there is no cell signal, so calling for help is challenging.

Consider Hiring a Guide for Hiking the Wave in Arizona

Hiring a guide worked well for us. As previously mentioned, the roads were terrible when we visited in February due to heavy rains. Only 5 of the 20 permit holders got into the wave that day. Our guide, Mike Henrie, had a good 4WD vehicle and experience driving those muddy backroads. He got us in and out safely. He also guided us as we hiked to and from the wave and showed us a number of unique areas in the region that we likely would have missed if we had hiked on our own. It wasn’t cheap hiring a private guide for the day, but we saved money on renting a 4WD vehicle and purchasing a GPS tracker. We also saved stress. We didn’t worry about getting lost and completely enjoyed our time at the wave.

An image of a rock formation in Coyote Buttes North Wilderness Area.
This was another interesting rock formation near the Wave. Photo by Greg Olsen.

Hiking the Wave Without a Permit

The permit process protects this beautiful and fragile wilderness area. If there were no limits on the number of visitors, the area would be destroyed. For that reason, there are harsh penalties for those who try to hike the wave without a permit. The maximum fine for hiking the wave without a permit is $100,000 USD and there is the possibility of serving time in jail. Breaking the law may also result in a permanent ban from ever applying for a permit in the future and a permanent ban from visiting BLM sites and national parks. It’s simply not worth the risk. BLM rangers regularly check hikers for hiking permits and they will call the police to arrest anyone without one. The weather was so bad the day we hiked The Wave that only 5 people made it there. Even on a day with bad weather and very few hikers, a BLM ranger was there checking permits.

An image of a woman in The Wave in Arizona, USA.
The Wave in Arizona has become one of the most sought after hikes in the state thanks in large part to Instagram. Photo by Greg Olsen.

Other Area Hikes near the Wave

There’s a lot to do in and around Kanab, Utah! While we waited for our permit day for hiking the wave in Arizona, we did a number of other hikes.

  • The Toadstools in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument – about 40 minutes northeast of Kanab.
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, about 20 minutes west.
  • Belly of the Dragon, 17 minutes northwest.
  • Kanab Sand Caves just outside of town.
  • There are many other amazing hikes in the Coyote Buttes Wilderness Area. Our guide said that The Wave was about #4 on his list of the best hikes in this area. We’d love to go back and experience his other top three hikes.
A photo of a woman standing next to one of the Toadstools in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, USA
I’m just going to say it – who doesn’t want to stand next to a giant penis-shaped rock? You get this and more when you hike to the Toadstools near Kanab, Utah. Photo by Greg Olsen.

Other Nearby Parks

  • Kanab is a one-hour drive from the Zion National Park Visitor Center. There are many amazing hikes in Zion, but the two iconic hikes are Angel’s Landing and The Narrows.
  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona is a 90-minute drive Northwest of Kanab and Horseshoe Bend is a 75-minute drive. We visited both.

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An image of a woman doing the Belly of the Dragon hike near Kanab, Utah.
The Belly of the Dragon is a fun little hike near Kanab, Utah. Photo by Greg Olsen.

Where to Stay in Kanab, Utah

We had a couple of nights to kill before hiking to The Wave in Arizona and we spent them both in Kanab. We stayed the first night at the Canyons Boutique Hotel, a lovely inn that is also home to Sego, the top-rated restaurant in town. The hotel has a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi and a hot breakfast is included. We also stayed at the Comfort Suites in Kanab for a night. Rooms are large and with flat screen TVs, air-conditioning and mini-fridges. The hotel has a swimming pool, free parking, free Wi-Fi and free breakfast.

An image of the Canyon Hotel in Kanab, Utah, USA.
The Canyons Hotel is the top-rated hotel and it’s also home to the top-rated restaurant in Kanab, Utah. Photo by Greg Olsen.
An image of cumulus clouds near Kanab, Utah, USA.
These cumulus clouds were so pretty near Kanab, Utah. One of the upsides of all that rain. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Where to Eat in Kanab, Utah

Our first night in Kanab, we celebrated our lottery win (getting a permit to hike The Wave) by dining at the top-rated restaurant in town. Sego did not disappoint. The restaurant has lovely ambiance. Chef Shon Foster specializes in small plates and encourages sharing. The eclectic menu has vegetarian and vegan options as well as some beautiful Arizona beef dishes. We loved it. On our second night, we dined at the Rocking V Cafe, right across the street from the Comfort Inn. It’s a cute restaurant in a historic building with plenty of art on the walls. The menu was fun and casual and we enjoyed the dining experience. We also had lunch one day at Lotsa Motsa Pizza. At the time we visited, they had an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $5 per person. The food was good – not great, but we couldn’t complain about the price.

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I definitely do not see this as a plus. One of the main attractions of this hike is the solitude. I’ve done this hike several times and would be incredibly disappointed if I arrived and found a crowd of people. I can’t see how adding over 40 more people would be anything other than detrimental to the experience.

Thanks for reading our post and for your comment, Justin. I understand your point. We had the wave completely to ourselves, since most permit holders couldn’t get into the trailhead on the muddy roads. It was an incredible experience that wouldn’t have been the same with more people there. On the other hand, we had people tell us they had been trying to get a permit for five years and had not been successful. You are fortunate to have won the permit lottery more than once. Managing wilderness areas is definitely a balancing act. The BLM needs to allow some access while protecting fragile habitat. I would hope that a great deal of research went into the recent decision to increase the number of permits. Time will tell if it was the right decision. Hopefully the increased funds raised will be put towards site management. Thanks again for reading our post and for your insightful comment. -Debbie

Hi Millie, We only needed to get a permit for the two of us. Guides are allowed to take guests with their licenses. We applied for the in-person lottery and when we found out we won a permit, then we hired the guide. The roads were so bad when we were there and I don’t think we would have gotten to the trailhead without him. Only 5/20 permit holders made it to the trailhead that day. It’s a mostly unmarked trail and I was a little nervous about finding The Wave on our own without a GPS. Having a guide eliminated that worry and we were able to relax and enjoy the hike. He gave us some good info along the way. For us, it was worth the cost. It’s definitely an experience of a lifetime. All the Best, Debbie

Someone who has hiked to The Wave “several” times should stop going so a few more people are able to see it even once! I assume you would not like it if the tables were turned. Perhaps hikers should only be able to get a permit once until everyone who would like to has had a turn!

That is absurd. If you want solitude, there are plenty of.places for that. A place like this should be shared while still being protected. How many? I leave that to the experts.
Orientation should be mandatory. When we went, only 6 people showed up but there were clearly a lot more on the hike. Unwritten rules like not staying in the bowl should be discussed.

I agree with Justin…haveing hiked extensively in the Arizona and Utah desert areas, there are two major reasons why I apply for the permit to hike The Wave: Beauty and Solitude. BOTH will be lost after the change in the BLM rules, and having had the opportunity to hike it once, I feel sorry about the damage that will inevitably occur.

Did your guide need a permit to take you there?

Hi Megan. The guide must be certified, but we only had to get permits for the hikers. The guide’s certification allows him or her to guide people with permits into the area. Please let me know if you have more questions. Hiking the wave is an amazing experience. Thanks, Debbie

Just returned from Coyote Buttes North/South.? These are public lands that are for all to enjoy and take care of. To those who feel that anyone other then them is too many people. I feel sorry for your short sighted view. To be honest we were alone there on dry December days The Wave is as pristine as ever, to all the doom and gloom elitist. Solitude abounds all over Southern Utah and Northern AZ. Please seek out some of the hundreds of special places in the area. Personally I liked South Buttes better. Even more other worldly to me. Harder to get too.Well worth the time. Hiring guides gives you so much more than a hike.

Do you start this hike in Arizona or Utah?

Hi Michele, The hike begins in Utah and ends in Arizona. The sandstone formation known as The Wave is actually located in Arizona. Since the hike begins in Utah, the permit lottery also takes place in Utah. It’s in Kanab, Utah. There are some tips in our post about how to win the in-person lottery. There are a ton of things to do in Kanab when you’re there. I hope this helps! Thanks for reading our blog. -Debbie

The Wave Hike says elevation is 400 feet. Is the hike hard? Will hire a guide. Thanks

Hi Kathy, We didn’t find the hike that difficult, but it wasn’t very hot when we did it. There have been a few people who have died doing the hike – mostly due to heat as I understand it. Sometimes people get lost trying to find the wave. We found it useful to do the hike with a guide. We didn’t have the worry of getting lost. Also, it was very rainy when we did the hike. The roads were terrible. Our guide got us in when so many others didn’t make it. I hope that helps! -Debbie

While I feel strongly that people need to care for such beauty and there should be consequences for not doing so, the lottery limitation (and absurd penalties for violating them are absolutely elitist and unnecessary. Firstly, as I understand it, the Navajo Sandstone (which The Wave consists of) is comprised mainly of materials that are between 5 and 7 on the mohs scale – putting it on par with the Rocky Mountains and harder than the beautiful mosaic floor of the Siena Cathedral in Italy (which is tread upon by more than a million people annually)! Secondly, and more importantly, such sites should not be left to the few. I once stood in 1,000 year old plow trench which was freshly uncovered (previously preserved beneath sand) on a farm field (part of a viking museum) near Aalborg, Denmark. I asked the museum curator why they had uncovered it knowing that it would erode. He replied, “so everyone could enjoy the experience.” So to the gentleman above (and anyone else that has won the lottery), I also think you should stop being selfish and let those that have yet to behold the sight have a chance. Solitude can be had in many, many other places. You could probably find a bunch of them just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. Thank you, Wander Woman, for sharing your experience. – Paul Fields

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