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Fine Dining Phuket – Jampa Restaurant Review

Fine Dining Phuket – Jampa Restaurant Review
an image of the interior of Jampa Restaurant, offering fine dining in Phuket, Thailand.
The spacious bar at the entrance of Jampa restaurant is perfect for socializing and sampling cocktails.

Phuket’s newest Michelin Green Star-awarded restaurant, Jampa, gives guests a unique culinary experience that emphasizes sustainability through its zero-waste philosophy and farm-to-table cuisine. Fine dining in Phuket is becoming more sought after among tourists and restauranteurs are rising to the challenge. Wander Woman Travel Magazine visited Jampa for dinner and we were blown away at not only the unique flavors and dishes served but also the dedication to health and the environment. Read on to hear our honest thoughts on dining at this establishment in this Jampa restaurant review.

An Escape from the Busy City

Jampa is located in Tri Vananda, a wellness resort 15 minutes away from Phuket International Airport. Situated in a rural area of Phuket and surrounded by freshwater lakes, the outdoor atmosphere provides a fine dining experience that allows you to reconnect with nature while enjoying the flavors and cuisines of the area.

A lobster dish fine dining in Phuket.
Phuket lobster, pomelo, and sweet potato with beurre noisette.

As our car pulled up at Jampa, the rain started to heavily come down as it often does after a hot day on the island. We were greeted by a couple of the restaurant staff with umbrellas to escort us into Jampa. The first thing we noticed in the restaurant was a large central granite bar that provided an excellent place to have a cocktail and socialize. The building was surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows which provided panoramic views of the rainforest surrounding the restaurant. Jampa’s interior is decorated in light oak woods that give the space a truly Nordic feel. The atmosphere is quiet and romantic. My partner Garrett, and I agreed that this was definitely the most romantic dinner we had together in Thailand. If you’re looking for fine dining in Phuket, Jampa is the perfect restaurant to experience the flavors of Thailand with fresh and diverse ingredients.

A fine dining dish at Jampa restaurant in Phuket, Thailand. Farm eggplant.
Farm eggplant, dukkha, and Thai chestnut topped with root vegetable jus.

What is Zero-Waste at Jampa?

Jampa’s Executive Chef Rick Dingen, has been working on Jampa throughout all stages of its development and he was excited to finally open the doors in November of 2021 after months of hard work. “I want to be different from the normal restaurants. I want people to come here for a different kind of experience,” Rick stated. He went on to explain that most of the produce used at Jampa comes from PRU Farm located a short distance away. The produce for the day is gathered and brought to the restaurant two times throughout the day and the menu revolves around what’s in season. “We always try to use the whole vegetable, the whole fish, everything,” Rick explained. “ For example, as soon as we take a vegetable out of the soil we use everything from the root to the top of the plant. Nothing goes to the landfill.” Additionally, Jampa ensures that all the ingredients that do not come from the farm, are provided by local suppliers such as farms and fishermen.

A river prawn dish. Fine dining in Phuket.
River prawn with piccalilli, cha kram, and quinoa.

Farm-to-Table Cuisine – Fine Dining in Phuket

Jampa’s “Experience Menu,” is a six-course set menu that showcases Chef Dingen’s remarkable ability at utilizing zero-waste principles and creatively using the ingredients available to him. He emphasized that the menu is frequently changing, often by the day, as the ingredients he receives are dependent on a variety of factors. What the local fishermen catch that day, the produce that is available to be harvested, and the ingredients received from other local suppliers, all affect what dishes are served on the menu. “It’s not easy to come up with new dishes all the time, it keeps us sharp,” Rick states. This speaks to the talent and creativity of the chefs at Jampa. 

A sorbet at Jampa restaurant, Phuket.
Pink guava and rubharb sorbet with tomme de chevre.

Dining at Jampa truly was an ‘experience’ to say the least and the dedication to sustainability is phenomenal. In the short time that Jampa has been opened, they’ve received a monumental Michelin Green Star. We are excited to see what the future holds for this incredible restaurant. 

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Dessert at Jampa restaurant in Phuket, Thailand.
Farm mulberry, 70% chumphon chocolate, and hibiscus.

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