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A Week in Bermuda Itinerary: The Island’s Must-See Spots

A Week in Bermuda Itinerary: The Island’s Must-See Spots
A white-sand beach in Bermuda.
Warwick Bay is one of Bermuda’s many spectacular beaches.

I didn’t know much about Bermuda before I spent a week there with my mother. I had seen pictures of the island’s gorgeous pink sand beaches on social media. I had also heard about the old legend of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious area where ships and airplanes went missing. Fortunately, one of those things turned out to be true and the other did not. During our visit, we planned a Bermuda itinerary that took us to some of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. We also planned flights to and from Bermuda that not only landed safely – they were on time. Our trip was full of interesting history, delicious food, adventures through Bermudian caves, and of course, spectacular views everywhere. If you’re thinking of visiting Bermuda, check out this suggested Bermuda Itinerary.

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A girl sitting on a bench looking at a view of the ocean and greenery.
There are many beautiful viewpoints overlooking the turquoise-blue ocean waters surrounding Bermuda.

Day 1: Royal Naval Dockyard and Dolphin Quest

Start your trip with a visit to the Royal Naval Dockyard to learn about Bermuda’s interesting history. The Dockyard used to be the base for the British Royal Navy, now it is home to The National Museum of Bermuda and a variety of other shops and restaurants. Take a stroll through the museum and learn about the discovery of Bermuda and the important history that shaped this fascinating archipelago. The Bermuda archipelago consists of 181 islands and the closest land outside the territory is the US state of North Carolina. After you explore the museum, visit Dolphin Quest, where you can learn about the importance of conservation and interact with the dolphins in the natural lagoon sanctuary. 

Two women taking a selfie in front of cannons at the Royal navy Dockyard, Bermuda.
We obviously had to take a selfie in front of the cannons outside of the Royal Navy Dockyard.

Frog & Onion Pub

You are sure to have worked up an appetite by this point so have a bite at the Frog & Onion Pub, located across the street from The National Museum of Bermuda. The Frog & Onion Pub is Bermuda’s only brewery and Bermuda’s most unique pub. Serving up traditional English pub food and delicious seafood dishes the pub is the ultimate spot for comfort food. 

Two women posing with a dolphin in Bermuda.
Dolphin Quest was a highlight of our Bermuda trip.

Day 2: Explore St. George’s, Bermuda

A visit to St. George’s, the territory’s first English settlement, is a must on any Bermuda itinerary. Established in 1612, this town has fascinating history that begs to be explored. Book a walking and cycling tour with Long Story Short for a look at many of the significant historical sites in the town with a knowledgeable local guide. Get a glimpse into the history of Bermuda as you are told stories from the past and admire beautiful historic homes, churches, and other structures in the fascinating little town. If you like fragrances that cannot be purchased elsewhere, be sure to stop in Lili Bermuda Perfumery, which was established in 1928.  

The unfinished Church in Bermuda.
The Unfinished Church near St. George’s, Bermuda.

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio

After your tour, stop at Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio, for a delicious lunch by the water. Wahoo’s serves up delicious fresh seafood dishes including their award-winning fish chowder. Not a seafood lover? Not to worry, Wahoo’s has plenty of other dishes including pasta and tacos. Tip: if you visit during lobster season, Wahoo’s serves a wonderful traditional Bermudian lobster meal that my mom and I both ordered and loved!

A meal of lobster and stuffing in Bermuda.
Fresh Bermuda lobster is a must if you’re traveling during lobster season (September through March).

Day 3: Beach Hopping around Bermuda

After a couple of days of exploring Bermuda, sink your toes into one (or ten!) of Bermuda’s gorgeous beaches. Visit Horseshoe Bay Beach, one of the world’s top-rated beaches, and gaze out over the pale pink sands that contrast beautifully with the turquoise blue waters. Relax here for the day, or visit a few of the other nearby beaches such as Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda’s longest beach, or Elbow Beach, a more sheltered beach that’s ideal for paddleboarding and kayaking. The beaches are amazing in Bermuda and honestly, a week-long Bermuda itinerary could easily be comprised of solely beach days.

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Huckleberry Restaurant 

Huckleberry is an elevated dining experience located in Hamilton. The restaurant serves delicious and unique sea and farm-to-table dishes. The restaurant is a tribute to Mark Twain and incorporates a southern flare to the Bermudian dishes.

Day 4: Foraging Tour

Bermuda is full of edible and medicinal plants and herbs. Join Doreen Williams-James creator of Wild Herbs and Plants of Bermuda for an informative and tasty walk through one of Bermuda’s natural areas. Learn about the health benefits of various local plants and even sample a few for yourself. Afterward, enjoy some homemade treats such as fennel-roasted hummus, Nasturtium Shortcake cookies, and rosemary lemonade.

Port O Call

Located on Front Street, Port O Call is a haven tucked away from the busy downtown Hamilton. The contemporary menu serves up some of the best fine cuisines in Bermuda. Enjoy fresh local fish and lobster, certified Angus beef,  and so much more at this popular spot.

The Crystal Caves in Bermuda.
The Crystal Caves are an iconic Bermuda site.

Day 5: Crystal Caves & Grotto Bay Spa

You can’t miss a visit to The Crystal Caves while you’re in Bermuda. Another must-see on any Bermuda itinerary, these awe-inspiring caves were formed millions of years ago and continue to be one of nature’s fascinating creations. As you descend into the caves, you are met with thousands of crystallized stalactites overtop of a turquoise blue lake with some of the clearest water you’ll ever see. It’s truly something you have to see in person to experience the natural beauty of these caves. After your tour through the Crystal Caves, enjoy a relaxing massage at the Grotto Bay Spa located across the street. This is one of the most unique spas set in a natural cave. You will enjoy your massage in an overwater floating bungalow. It truly is one of the most serene environments.

A spa located in a cave, Grotto Bay Spa.
Grotto Bay Spa is located in a natural cave. The overwater bungalows are a private and serene place to have a massage.

Café Olé

Located just outside of the entrance to the Crystal Caves is Café Olé. It is the perfect spot to try an authentic Bermuda fish sandwich. The sandwich is filled with fresh locally caught white fish, tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato, and it is placed on raisin bread. I opted out of the raisin bread but if you want a truly authentic Bermuda fish sandwich you should try it with the raisin bread. My Mom went with the raisin toast and I’ll admit, the sweetness of the raisin bread compliments the savory fish and tastes delicious – even if you aren’t a raisin lover!

An authentic Bermudian fish sandwich from Cafe Ole.
A Bermuda fish sandwich is traditionally served on raisin toast and it’s surprisingly delicious!

Day 6: Bermuda Botanical Gardens & Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Take a walk through 36 acres of lush flowers, shrubs, and trees at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Visit the sensory garden, a garden full of aromatic flowers built for the blind, a palmetto garden with native palm trees, and the fruit garden as you admire the beautifully landscaped gardens. After some time relaxing in the gardens, visit the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art situated within the gardens for a look at some of the local Bermudian artists ‘ creations. 

An art museum.
A local art show held at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Arts.

The Swizzle Inn Pub

Try the famous Swizzle Rum Punch at The Swizzle Inn Pub. Bermuda’s national drink was created in the 1990s and this pub is the perfect place to try it. Aside from the famous Rum Swizzle, The Swizzle Inn Pub is a casual eatery serving up classic and delicious pub foods and a great selection of beer, ales, and cocktails.

The colourful buildings on Front Street in Bermuda.
Front Street is the perfect place for shopping, dining, and socializing.

Day 7: Put a Free Day in Your Bermuda Itinerary

On your last day in this week-long Bermuda itinerary, you should do what you want. Relax on one of the many white or pink sand beaches, play a round of golf, or just relax by your hotel pool. You may wish to shop for souvenirs on Front Street or take a long walk along the beach. Whatever you decide, make sure you spend your last day in Bermuda savoring the beauty of this special place. 

Where to Stay in Bermuda

There are many amazing accommodations in Bermuda. We stayed at the Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club. We loved the pool, the restaurants (especially the new restaurant called Intrepid), the beach club and the staff at this historic hotel.

Environmental Note: Reef-Safe Sunscreen

If you want to be environmentally responsible, consider packing reef safe sunscreen on your trip to Bermuda. Research has shown that oxybenzone and octinoxate can slow the growth of a coral species and oxybenzone has been shown in lab tests to be toxic to six coral species. Protect your skin and protect the marine environment by using a reef safe sunscreen when you swim or snorkel in the ocean. There are quite a few reef-safe sunscreens ion the market. Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is one that we like.

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Whatever promotions you have I would be interested in knowing. My wife and I, seniors, would leave from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, FL, and we would like to go for a week. If there are any all-inclusive trips, please let us know.
Retired, we live on a fixed income. Thank you.

Hi Joseph, Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We don’t sell travel on our website. We just provide information. If you contact a local travel agency, they could provide more information about the costs of a trip. Bermuda doesn’t have as many all-inclusive hotels as some other Caribbean destinations do. October to November is the shoulder season and there may be better pricing at that time. It gets colder, November to March, so if relaxing in the sun on a beach is your favourite thing to do, you may want to avoid the colder months. I hope that helps. – Debbie, Managing Editor, Wander Woman Travel Magazine

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