Welcome to Wander Woman

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be chased by monkeys in Kuala Lumpur, to drive a real dogsled through the frosty Canadian north, or to take surfing lessons from a world-famous surfer?

Then again, maybe you'd rather garden than surf.

Welcome to the world of writer Debbie Olsen! Let Debbie's articles transport you to another place where you can be adventurous or relaxed and carefree. It's up to you.

Debbie has written articles for magazines and newspapers on these and many other topics. To read some samples of her recent work just click on the menu items above - no surfing lesson necessary!

What traveller doesn't dream of hosting her own television show? The attached clip is from a demo tape shot by Network One Productions at the request of a major television network. The proposed show was called "Wander Woman."

Unfortunately, the station was expecting a Lynda Carter look-alike, but the camera put on an extra ten pounds on the host. Clearly, it was all the camera's fault that the show did not proceed. Next time we'll use a camera that takes off ten pounds and makes the host look like Brooke Burke.