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Experience Hells Canyon: Jet Boat Tours with Nimíipuu Guides

Experience Hells Canyon: Jet Boat Tours with Nimíipuu Guides

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Viewing ancient petroglyphs.

Historical Significance of Hells Canyon

A close up of Nez Perce regalia.
A close up of Nez Perce regalia.

Preparing for Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tours

Booking your tour is easily done online at or by phone at (208) 790-8873. On the day of your tour, bring snacks, drinking water, a camera, and sun protection such as sunscreen, a hat, and/or sunglasses.

A woman and an Indigenous guide boarding a jet boat.
Our first glance at the Nez Perce Tourism boat and Snake River.

Jet Boat Adventure: The Overall Experience

Hells Canyon jet boat tours showcase bighorn sheep on the bank of the Snake River.
Wildlife; big horn sheep drinking and eating next to the Snake River.

Reflection and Farewell: Hells Canyon jet Boat Tours

As we neared the dock, each guest was allowed to share something they enjoyed from the afternoon. Answers varied, with some moved by the soaring cliffs and the majesty of the canyon, while others spoke of the thrill of spotting wildlife in their natural habitat. Stacia Morfin’s storytelling left an indelible mark, as her passion and personal connection to the Nimíipuu culture resonated with everyone on board, transforming the excursion into a profound cultural experience. It was evident that the tour had not only showcased the natural wonders of the area but had also created a shared sense of awe and respect for the enduring cultural legacy of the Nimíipuu people.

An Indigenous woman poses on the shore of the Snake River on hells Canyon jet boat tours.

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