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Microspikes for Hiking Product Review

Microspikes for Hiking Product Review

If you have ever been hiking in the mountains in the winter, you will know that ice cleats can be invaluable. On a recent family hike, we outfitted everyone with slip-on microspikes for hiking and it made a real difference. We got our MaxxDry GripOns ice cleats in Canadian Tire, but you can find similar models online and in many outdoor equipment stores. They made such a positive difference in our hiking experience that we decided to write a review – the first product review we have ever published in Wander Woman Travel Magazine.

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Microspikes for Hiking Costs

On a search of Amazon you will find that ice cleats generally range in price from around $10.00 up to $50.00. We purchased our MaxxDry GripOns ice cleats in Canadian Tire for $9.99 on a Black Friday sale. The regular price for these microspikes for hiking is $21.99, which is very reasonable. We found the GripOns to be good value for the money and would recommend them for winter hikers.

An image of MaxxDry Gripons ice cleats in Canadian Tire - Microspikes for hiking review
Here’s how the microspikes for hiking are packaged. We recommend keeping the cardboard holders for storage of the ice cleats between outings.

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Image of a hiking boot that does not have ice cleats on it.
Hiking boot with no ice cleat attached.

User Friendly

We put the MaxxDry GripOns over hiking boots, running shoes, and winter boots. The microspikes for hiking fit over the toe and over the heel of the boot. They easily fit over each type of shoe that we tried and they were easy to put on and to remove.

An image of a hiking boot with the MaxxDry GripOns ice cleat attached - Microspikes for hiking review.
This hiking boot has the GripOns cleat cleat attached.

The MaxxDry GripOns ice cleat was light weight and hardly visible when attached to the shoe. In fact, on several occasions during our hike, members of our party thought that someone else in our party had lost an ice cleat off of their boot. Upon closer inspection it was still attached.

Important Tip – Get the Size Right

Image showing the sizes of Gripons ice cleat and the corresponding shoe size they relate to - Microspikes for hiking review.
The sizes and the shoe sizes are clearly shown on the packaging of GripOns ice cleats.

We had a couple of people in our group who had large microspikes for hiking when they really required mediums. A couple of times their GripOns fell off the heel of their boot. It was easy to get them back on, but it was a little frustrating for those people.

Image of left boot with GripOns applied normally and right boot with  a strap that we applied to secure the heel of the ice cleat on the boot. Microspikes for hiking review.
We applied a strap to hold the ice cleat on the boot and that solved the problem of the cleat being too large.

The tie down strap we applied solved the problem when the ice cleat was too large for the boot. Follow the sizing guide carefully. When the ice cleat was properly fitted, we had no problems.

A Great Place to Use Ice Cleats: One of our favorite places to use ice cleats is on the Johnston Canyon and Ink Pots Winter Hike.

Ice Spikes vs. Microspikes for Hiking

Image of the cleats on the GripOns ice cleat attached to a boot.
The ice cleats are on the smaller size and they worked very effectively.

We saw many people on the trail with large, clumsy looking ice cleats that did not look comfortable to hike in. The MaxxDry GripOns have smaller cleats that attached firmly to the bottom of the boot and that made them more comfortable for hiking. No one in our group had any problem with traction on the packed snow and ice that we hiked on.

Final Thoughts

Image of Maxx Dry GripOns as they are packaged with string that we added in case trouble shooting is required.
MaxxDry GripOns as they are packaged with strings attached in case trouble shooting on the trail is required.

Our hike was 11.35 kilometers long. We had previously attempted this winter hike without ice cleats and it did not go well. We all agree that microspikes for hiking made a real difference. The MaxxDry GripOns were worth the cost, were light weight and unassuming, and did a great job of keeping us safe on our hike. If you follow the sizing guide, I can easily recommend this product for your next winter hike.

If you’re interested in getting these ice cleats, head to Canadian Tire (and maybe look for a sale). Or you can find very similar ice cleats on Amazon. The ice cleats below are almost identical to the MaxxDry GripOns we purchased at Canadian Tire and the price is about the same on Amazon.

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