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Lynx Airline Review – What You Should Know About Canada’s Newest Budget Airline

Lynx Airline Review – What You Should Know About Canada’s Newest Budget Airline

Thinking about booking a flight with Lynx? This Lynx Airline review will tell you everything you need to know about Canada’s newest budget airline. Lynx Air officially took off on its first flight from Calgary to Vancouver on April 7, 2022 and Wander Woman Travel Magazine was there! We checked out the new plane, met the CEO and other staff, experienced a return flight and learned all about the airline. Along the way, we found out what happens on an inaugural flight. Here’s what you should know if you’re planning to book a flight with Lynx Air.

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An image of a flight attendant and pilot greeting passengers as they board a Lynx Airline flight - Lynx Airline Review.
You can expect a friendly greeting when you board a Lynx flight. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

New Airplanes or Old Airplanes – What Kind of Airplanes Does Lynx Air Use?

Lynx Air operates a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 aircraft. I could smell the new airplane smell when I walked onto the inaugural flight from Calgary to do research for this Lynx Airline Review. In case you’re wondering, new airplane smell is a lot like new car smell only bigger. The plane was pristine and had a decent amount of legroom. There are no plugins or USB ports on this plane. There are also no screens, Wi-Fi or entertainment onboard.

An image of a Lynx Air airplane - Lynx Airline Review.
Lynx Airline has a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 airplanes. Photo Credit: Lynx Air

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Lynx Airline Review – How Many Planes Does Lynx Air Have?

As of April 7, 2022, Lynx Air has three brand-new planes. The company has ambitious plans to grow its fleet to 46 Boring 737 aircraft over the next five to seven years. At the time of their inaugural flight, Lynx Air employed 165 people, but they are planning to grow their workforce to more than 400 by the end of the year.

An image of a flight attendant on Lynx Air giving the safety instructions - Lynx Airline Review.
Other than the lower price, you won’t notice many differences from other Canadian airlines when you’re flying with Lynx. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

If you want entertainment on a Lynx Air flight, bring it with you. My preference is a good book and I really love this one.

Where Does Lynx Air Fly?

Lynx Air’s inaugural flight was from Calgary to Vancouver. The airline will begin flying from Calgary to Toronto on April 11. It is adding service to Kelowna on April 15, Winnipeg on April 19 and Victoria on May 12. The airline will be adding two more aircraft to its fleet in the next few months and plans to operate 148 flights per week coast to coast across Canada by summer 2022.

An image of a Lynx Cookie.
Bring your own snacks. They gave out cookies and cupcakes at the gate during the inaugural flight, but food isn’t normally provided on Lynx flights. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Review – The Good Things About Flying with Lynx Airlines

There are some good reasons to consider flying with Lynx Airlines and here’s what we found out in our Lynx Airline review. The first reason is the fare. With some tickets starting as low as $39, you can’t beat it. Lynx Air’s CEO Merren McArthur put it best, “Airfares have been too high for too long in Canada, and we aim to change that.” The second positive is that Lynx Air is flying with brand-new Boeing 737 planes. They’re not fancy, but they’re nice. This is a budget airline and you pay for what you want and don’t pay for extras you don’t plan to use.

An image of the beverage service on Lynx Air - Lynx Airline Review.
If your flight is over a certain length, they will give out water on Lynx Air flights. If you want coffee or any other kind of beverage, you’ll have to buy it in the airport and bring it onboard. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Review – The Bad Things About Flying with Lynx Airlines

Some airlines include carry-on bags in the price of the ticket, but Lynx Air does not. You don’t get a complimentary carry-on bag with Lynx. You get one free personal item, which is the size of a small backpack at most. Be sure to calculate the cost of baggage into the total ticket price. If you want onboard entertainment, beverage service, snacks and meals provided on your flight, Lynx isn’t for you. If you want to splurge on first class, you can’t do it on Lynx. There is only one class of service. Lynx is an ultra-affordable airline and you pay for any extra services like seat assignments, carry-on and checked baggage. Because this airline is completely new, we also don’t have accurate information about their on-time performance and customer service satisfaction.

Want to see what it’s like to be on an inaugural flight of a brand new airline, check out our short video.

Tips for Flying on Lynx Air – Lynx Airlines Review

There are a few things you can do to make your travel experience better when you’re flying with Lynx Air.

  • There’s no inflight entertainment. Bring a book or a magazine to read.
  • Download a movie, music or other entertainment onto your own electronic device.
  • Be sure that your electronic devices are fully charged, because there are no plugins onboard.
  • Pack an empty water bottle and fill it once you are through security.
  • Bring snacks from home.
  • You can also purchase beverages, snacks and meals at the airport before stepping onto the plane.
  • Purchase checked or carry-on bags before you arrive at the airport and you will save money.
  • Always do your online check-in. It will allow you to reconfirm your flight times and it lets the airline know you’re coming.
An image of Merren McArthur, CEO of Lynx Air with an excited passenger.
Merren McArthur, CEO of Lynx Air, was on hand at the inaugural Lynx Air flight and she graciously took pictures with passengers. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Merren McArthur – Lynx Air’s Awesome Experienced Female CEO

Lynx Air has an incredibly experienced CEO. Merren McArthur served as CEO of ultra low-cost carrier Tigerair Australia. She was also CEO of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines and founding CEO of Virgin Australia Cargo. McArthur knows a thing or two about running a low cost carrier and that experience will benefit Lynx Air. “We are super excited to be finally taking to the skies today,” she said at the inaugural flight ceremony in Calgary. “Lynx is on a mission to make air travel accessible to all Canadians, with a transparent à la carte pricing model, which empowers passengers to pick and pay for the services they want, so they can save money on the trip and spend where it counts – at their destination.”

An image of the ribbon cutting at YVR airport in Vancouver for Lynx Air.
There were ribbon cuttings in the Calgary and the Vancouver airports to commemorate the inaugural Lynx Air flights. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

What is an Inaugural Flight Like?

Flying on the inaugural flight for a brand new airline was a first for me and it was a real eye opener. There were media members in attendance as well as people who had just booked tickets and were unaware when they made the purchase that they would be on an inaugural route. There were also people onboard who had specifically purchased their tickets because it was an inaugural flight. On the flight from Calgary to Vancouver, everyone on board was given a free Lynx umbrella. On the flight from Vancouver to Calgary, everyone on board was given a pair of Lynx sunglasses to celebrate the occasion. They passed out cupcakes outside the gate in Calgary and cookies outside the gate in Vancouver. There were ribbon cuttings in both destinations and speeches of course. In Vancouver, there was a DJ and First Nations singing and drumming. Before the plane took off from Vancouver, it was baptized with everyone on board. There was a jovial spirit about this flight with clapping at takeoff and landing. During the flight, the CEO walked down the aisles and visited with passengers. It was a fun experience all in all.

An image of airplane baptism for Lynx Air at Vancouver airport.
Airplane baptism is a thing. Who knew? Everyone clapped after the plane was sprayed. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Airplane Baptism is a Real Thing

The airplane baptism ritual is a worldwide tradition and I experienced it on the flight from Vancouver to Calgary. As we were getting ready to depart from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), our pilot steered the plane to pass between two fire trucks. The fire trucks sprayed water over the plane as it went past. This ritual was used to celebrate the new route, the new aircraft and the new airline. Apparently, this is a thing in the airline industry. It was not unique to Lynx Air.

An image of an airplane viewed from the airplane viewing deck at YVR Vancouver airport.
If you like airplane watching, you might be a #AvGeek. Just saying. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

What is an AvGeek?

AvGeeks are real. I learned that on the Lynx Air inaugural flight. An Aviation Geek or AvGeek, is someone who is passionate about aviation and that passion shines through in many ways. The hashtag, #AvGeek, is a thing on social media. You don’t need to be a pilot or work in the aviation business to be an AvGeek. A whole group of AvGeeks booked themselves on the Lynx Air inaugural flight. Some of them flew in from other destinations including the USA to travel on the new airline’s first flight. Other AvGeek activities include airplane watching, reading about aviation and posting on social media about aviation. Some AvGeeks have such substantial followings that they are considered airline influencers and they get invited on inaugural flights and to other events to help promote airlines.

An image of flight attendants on Lynx Air.
My Lynx Air Review – It was a nice flight. The planes are new, the flight attendants are friendly and the no frills price is nice. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Lynx Airline Review Summary

Here’s the summary of our Lynx Airline review based on two flights and extensive research. Lynx Air is an exciting new ultra affordable Canadian airline. It has a fleet of brand-new planes that are certified by Transport Canada. The airline is led by a very experienced CEO who should help it to succeed in a competitive market. I had a good experience flying from Calgary to Vancouver return with Lynx. The plane was comfortable, the staff was pleasant and it was a good experience overall. Be aware that carry-on bags are not included and add that cost to the ticket price if you’re thinking of booking a flight with Lynx. I would be fine with flying Lynx Air again.

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eye trapper you tube channel has the water canon footage… {photobombed by Air Canada of course}

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, Ron! Honestly, I didn’t know that airplane baptism was a thing until I was inside an airplane that was being baptized!

Hi, my son lost his laggage on airport .he was travelling from toronto to calgary .He was there just for two day .give me correct no to conntact them.noone is taking call

Hi Amber,
I’m sorry to hear about your son losing his luggage. That is an issue with every carrier right now. You’re going to have to contact Lynx directly about this. Try calling at 877-897-5969. If that isn’t working, try sending them a message on Facebook messenger and seeing if you can get a response there. The only other thing I can think of is going to the airport to inquire about the missing bag there. I’m not sure if Lynx has a baggage department at the airport or not though. I hope this helps and I hope he gets his luggage back soon.
Managing editor, Wander Woman Travel Magazine

Was wondering g if anyone knew if there
Is a charge for changing a checked bag to a carry on

Very disappointed. Flight cancel from Halifax to Toronto on Sept 03. No one to speak with, agent walked by counter placed notice on counter indicating flight cancel, with email and phone number down, and kept on walking. No assistance what so ever. No hotel for the night or other flight arrangements. When we called the telephone number provided they indicated the next available flight out would be on Sept 8. We now have to wait for an approval to find out if our money will be refunded.

Lynx air never in my life to fly with them. Flew from Vancouver to Toronto on 07/25 and they never deliver my checked baggage, waited 3 hours and again went to airport for my bag no chance. Try to find lynxair staff but there no one to help or assistance or register claim. went to check in desk at departure hall saw the manager and she said she is busy and ask to wait for one hour, but waited three hours but there no sign of her or any agent from Lynx air. Submit claim online and call several time but to solution nor any reply from them. I have to attend a wedding without any clothes, no compensation. Came home in Europe still no reply nor any reaction from them. I think how airline authorities allow these kind of company to do business before proper verification rules regulations.

I booked a Air ticket from Vancouver to Toronto on June 20th. Carrier Y9 Flight no.9121. May I check that this is a Lynx ticket. Thanks!

Hi Susan. It sounds like you’re flying with Lynx! The IATA code for Lynx is Y9. I believe the flight number is 121 for that particular flight. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your flight. The new plane I was on was quite nice. I missed the seatback entertainment, but I’d give that up if the price is right. 🙂 Have a good trip! -Debbie

Flew last night from Toronto to Vancouver. First our flight was changed from mid afternoon to 10:30 pm. We checked one bag between the two of us. Upon arrival we realized they lost our bag. We have not been getting any support from the airline to locate our luggage or details on when we will receive it. We are only here for the weekend and have had to buy new clothes and toiletries. The airlines customer service directs you to send emails and will not put you in contact with anyone from the baggage department. We have sent multiple emails and received no responses. I would not recommend flying with Lynx. Their service is terrible and if you need support you will be left frustrated and out a ton more cash than you save.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Thanks for sharing your comments with other readers. I hope your luggage shows up soon and I hope the airline corrects the issues with their customer service. Thanks again for sharing.

The customer service at Lynx Air is beyond disgraceful. I submitted an exemption 10 days ago. Two days ago, I received an email advising that the exemption was not approved as their form did not include the words “A Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta”, which is always pre-printing in the form below where a Commissioner for Oaths signs. I am supposed to fly on Lynx Air tomorrow but I still have not received confirmation that the exemption has been accepted, even though the Lynx Air form has been amended and the words “A Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta” has been printed by hand above the Commissioner for Oaths signature. Unbelievable that a person still does not know whether they can take the flight the day before the scheduled flight leaving the person unable to make plans including transportation to the from the airport and inability to confirm accommodation.

Never flying with this airline ever again! First my flight was delayed then it got cancelled and I was booked for another flight a WEEK ahead! The staff don’t know what to do or how to help. I was told by (assuming the manager) that I would get a free hotel till they could reschedule my flight. Waited over 12 hours and was booked a very bad looking hotel. I get there at almost midnight only to be told I was booked for only a night. I tried calling the so-called customer service but was on wait for nearly 6 hours. Even canceling the flight and booking with another airline is a hassle. Everything about this airline is ridiculous! Never again would I make sure mistake

Vancouver to TorontoFirst our flight was changed from mid afternoon to 10:30 pm. We checked one bag between the two of us. Upon arrival we realized they lost our bag. We have not been getting any support from the airline to locate our luggage or details on when we will receive it. We are only here for the weekend and have had to buy new clothes and toiletries. The airlines customer service directs you to send emails and will not put you in contact with anyone from the baggage department. We have sent multiple emails and received no responses. I would not recommend flying with Lynx. Their service is terrible and if you need support you will be left frustrated and out a ton more cash than you save.

My wife flew to YVR from YYC and thought that the backpack she got from our 8 yr old grandson was small enough, but apparently not. $31.50 later she boarded the flight. The flight was good and the staff was as good too. Upon her arrival , and a text message to me about the charge for the backpack, we noted that it appeared that she was charged twice for the carry on backpack.
I sent an email to them to confirm it and 2 days later I have still not received a reply. I called the customer service number and was on hold and the recording stated that if I wanted to speak to the call center I would be charged a fee, but that I could continue to hold. After 30 minutes I gave up.
I also attempted to get her some assistance in getting from the airplane to the arrivals lounge in Calgary as it’s quite a long walk and her legs are not that good.(70 yrs) I sent another email to that end, and again have yet to hear anything back as to whether that is a chargeable service as well, or if they will be able to help her or not.
I checked her in for her return flight and paid again for the backpack and then tried to print or email or download a boarding pass but no go. The email option stated that the boarding pass was “not able to be printed” and the download file for the boarding pass was corrupted and would not download. I attempted several times for both options and on a PC and on a Tablet and its a no go. The call center is of course closed.
The payment for the bag however had no difficulty being processed through my credit card.
A pretty disappointing way to start in my opinion. The flight price was good, and now we know that anything bigger than a small purse will cost 31.50. I think once you figure in the ancillary charges there is really no savings involved. If your travelling with the clothes on your back your probably good to go. This backpack that my wife had was, as stated, my 8yr old grandsons school backpack that was apparently too large.
Nevertheless, the inability to speak to anyone about anything without the fees racking up, and the lack of email response, and the website that will not allow you to print or email boarding passes I’m afraid I will just move back to WJ or AC, or Flair.
Lynx air definitely have some issues to deal with before I would consider coming back.
The overall experience was frustrating.

I also had a very negative experience with Lynx. I’d thought that with a former westjet owner, things would be fine. I was mistaken.

I attempted to do my online checkin for return flight and the website would have nothing to do with it. I tried several times. I called the 1 800 number several times. Each time I called I was advised my wait time would be in excess of 30 minutes. I stayed on the line. And the another message came that advised th call would be disconnected due to a technical error. I then wrote an email. I promptly received a ticket open for issue reply. But never received any replies to the 3 emails I sent. I went to the airport the mandatory 3 hours prior to take off. No agents were at the counter. Finally an agent arrived. I explained my problem to her. She responded – that is not my problem. I don’t work for Lynx air. I am a contracted person to do checkin. I asked to checkin with another person who can help me. She left the station and had her supervisor come over. Neither were helpful. So it became a very frustrating experience. I had no idea if there was even a plane arriving because nothung was forthcoming on the website. There were other travellers with various frustrations. Some of,which suggested I give up and find another airline for a flight, as that is what they were doing.

Plane finally arrived. We boarded. I asked a stewardess a question and she did not seem to like the question so abruptly said, I do nott know. It’s not my job. I assured her I was not accusing her of anything. Just wanted to know something.

I’d say it won’t be soon that I would try this airline again. I was hoping to support a new airline after a few years of difficulty for every industry. But I have to draw a line where a very unfriendly and unhelpful person is all I have to deal with.

I finally did manage to have a wonderful young man who has moved here from Pakistan help me. He was also from the contracted company that does Lynx checkins. He demonstrated that a contractor can do a good job.

Wow, your comments are identical to my own. Glad I am not alone. And sorry that I am not alone as well. Too bad they’ve done so poorly. They had a captive audience and looks like they blew it.

Going from Toronto to Calgary
Boarding supposed to start At 21.15 but started after 21.55
Flight was supposed to leave at 21.55 but it’s still standing here in Toronto.
Captain announced 30 minutes ago we will leave in five minutes and nothing happened It’s 23.05 in Ontario and don’t know when they will land in Calgary. Boarding staff was not professional and staff inside the plane is worse then the outside staff. Will never recommend this airline. Paid extra for everything but service is poor. They are loading people from past one and half feels like they are waiting for more passengers from somewhere else or connecting flights. 23.15 and no idea when they will leave
Every 15 minutes someone comes with a list and read some names and ask people to press the blue button if they hear their name. Never saw this parectice in 30 years of travelling. Save your time and money and headache.

Cheap airline and unprofessional behaviour.
Almost 2 hour late and no sign of moving.

I booked 30th July for a trip from YVR to YYC. Upon checking my itinerary on 30th, it was updated to 31st without notification. booking ref. CM1ULO

Is the flight 30th or 31st?

Hi Denuola,
You’re going to have to visit the Lynx website ( or contact Lynx directly by phone at 877-897-5969 or on Facebook messenger. I hope this helps.
Managing editor, Wander Woman Travel Magazine

I just wonder why they only allow people to carry a purse size to put under your seat and leave all that above cabin safe empty if not many people I assume is going to pay for a carry on.

Hi Mei, Thanks for your comment. You make a good point. Charging for carry-on and checked bags is one of the revenue sources for discount carriers like Lynx. The personal item is about the size of a small backpack, but you need to measure it to be certain your personal item is within the allowed size to ensure you don’t get charged extra for a carry-on bag. If you will need a carry-on, you need to add that into the cost of a ticket, so you can see if it really is a savings over scheduled airlines that include carry-on bags in their fees. -Debbie

Colleen Lamoureusx

I purchased a ticket with Lynx Air for a ticket out of Toronto to Calgary. Sept. 6/22 return Calgary to Toronto on Sept. 20/22 for Colleen Wilda Conley-Lamoureux and my husband Roger Lamoureux

We would seriously like to shorten our trip to an earlier one from Calgary to Toronto and were wondering if this would be possible? Would there be an additional cost? Please get back to me. Thank you.

Colleen Conley-Lamoureux

Colleen Conley-Lamoureux

Is it possible to change a date on an already booked flight?

Hi Colleen, You need to visit Go into manage my booking and see if you can make the change there. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Lynx Air by phone at 877-897-LYNX (5969) between 8 am and 5 pm MST or email them at [email protected]. Lynx Air will be able to tell you if you can change your flights and if so whether or not there is a fee to do it. I hope this helps. -Debbie

I want to ask that I did not add my luggage during booking reservations so now when I can add luggage.

Go onto the Lynx Air website, click my booking and add your luggage. It’s cheaper if you do it prior to arrival at the airport. Hope that helps. -Debbie

Can I take a small puppy (which will be in his pod) on your flight?

Hi Dianne, You should contact Lynx Air to inquire about their pet policy and whether they will allow you to take a small puppy in a carrier pod on the plane. If they allow it, you’ll want to find out if there is a fee. You can contact Lynx Air by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-877-897-LYNX (5969). We’d love it if you would post what you find back here for other readers. Thanks! Debbie

Wanting to travel to St John’s Newfoundland with my sister who needs a Wheelchair or Walker.
Can you let me know what the charge would be for
Thank you.

We had a flight to Winnipeg on May 19/22 and return on May 22/22…It was a great process, I would fly with this airline anytime. Thanks for a great time!!!

I recently travelled from Calgary to Toronto
with Lynx Air. On my return flight from
Toronto to Calgary, my suitcase was
missing. I filed a report at the Calgary
Airport and sent an email to baggage
services at Lynx Air. I want to thank
Charlie & Debbie in Operations for
finding my suitcase and delivering it
to me last night via courier service.
I was very happy to see my suitcase
with all my belongings inside. It has
been a very stressful experience but
I am pleased that I had a happy outcome.
I had an enjoyable flight with Lynx Air.

I flew from Winnipeg to Vancouver on May 31st. Firstly the check-in attendent Darren Weibe was very experienced having worked 11 years for United pre Covid layoff and has been around that airport 30 years in ine capacity or another. I required a wheel chair to get to the gate and down the ramp and again in Vancouver. Every thing was handled very smoothly and professionally by the ground crew. At the gate Darren presided again and I watched him deal in a very friendly, helpful and pro manner. His gate assistant a lovely young lady named Jessa, again with airline experience, took me down the ramp all at no charge. The aircraft are brand new and immaculate as are the cabin crew. The seats are a little thin for my old body (i’m 82) but i’m sure fine for the younger folk but the base fare from Wpg to Van is $59 ! I had a carryon bag and chose a bulkhead seat due to my disability
and so my all in cost was $142 for a 3 1/2 hour non stop flight ! Lynx tells you in advance to pre purchase water, lunch/snacks in advance as they don’t sell food or beverages. So I did just that.. no problem. They did serve water at our seats which was appreciated. Now to get to Winnipeg from Kelowna with an overnight business stop in Saskatoon cost me $383 one way on WestJet. Their aircraft for this route are Bombardier Q 400 prop type, very crowded, outside loading winter or summer at Kelowna and Wpg. The flight goes through Calgary where we changed planes. They did have normal loading ramps in Calgary and luckily my connecting flight was at the same gate as arrival which has not bern the same on my past flighs through Calgary. When I travelled on to Wpg WestJet had only two flights a day.. 7am and 7pm. I was on the pm flight which was an hour late with no explanation. So we arrived in Wpg at 10:45 pm. Our Q400 parked outside and it had been raining. The Wpg airport staff did have a wheel chair for me with the attendant waiting outside in rain and puddles. It’s a good thing they had the chair as we enterered the terminal at a door that was the attendant told me a full 1/4 mile walk to the main arrival area. All that for only $383 .. what a bargain 😳 As for the folks who had flights and times changed by Lynx, I can appreciate your disssatisfaction but last year I was on a trip to Halifax and back on Air Canada abd we had three flight changed on us time wise. I flew weekly for business in the 70s which was the golden age of flight. Service was exemplary.. CP service full meals on china and let me smoke my pipe on board. All great but it cost a hellnof a lot more in 1970s dollars than $59 or in my case $141 from Wpg to Van. Let’s get real people. Lynx is a low cost airline with brand new aircraft, experienced staff all for a low price. So take advantage of their bargain flights and realize they provide just that because the mainline carriers service isn’t much better at a significantly higher price.
Good luck Lynx and many thanks for an enjoyable time.

I never write reviews, this time I decided to do it because of the terrible service of the Lynx airline. I was supposed to fly on June 8 at 10:30 pm from Toronto to Calgary. Arrived at 20:30, passed the control. At about 21:00, an email came from the airline that they were rescheduling the flight to 5:15 a.m. There are no representatives in the terminal , no food voucher was offered , the hotel was not offered either . As a result , the whole night was spent in the terminal hall . I do not recommend flying with this company. Also, they don’t have emergency phone service at night.

I wanted to leave zero star for this airline , worst worst service ever , i took this flight on june 12 from yyz to yyc and they lost my luggage , i sent multiple emails , called them like 100 times but no response, and i did my wedding shopping from Toronto and my wedding outfit was in that luggage as well , honestly i’m totally speechless at this moment , no one is answering the calls or i haven’t heard from anyone yet , the only point of leaving this review is to save others time and money , please do not take this airline , this airline is not supportive at all , I’m going through a lot due to their negligence , ******* please do not take this airline ****** they do not care at all , they literally left me with no other choice and i have to leave this review because of their ignorance towards my concern and on the same day one of their team member told me to fill the form and she said oh your luggage will be here tomorrow because recently they got the email from lynx that they forgot the load some bags to the plane …… and it has been three days , there is not a single response , seriously what is this …. i made the huge mistake to book lynx airline …. if i did not get the response in 12 hours i would literally take some action against them …

Terrible airline. Multiple delays before my flight. A week after booking times and dates were changed. No compensation from Airline as the changes were “hidden” in another email that had a change in time, not the date.
Would not recommend as they are not willing to do anything to fix it. Not even a small discount on the next flight or a free bag.

The worse experience we ever had was with lynx. we fly from Toronto to Vancouver and lost all 3 luggage Nobody is responded to the one at Vancouver airport is responsible for this airline. I strongly recommend that do not use this airline.

Well I haven’t even departed and it’s already a disaster. Flight was cancelled week before departure. I missed the single email as google flags their emails as spam and dumps them in the junk folder. Went to check in and low and behold my flight is now 8 hrs earlier.

So I am sitting here at the airport and my earlier flight has been delayed by 2 hours. I am already regretting trying someone other than WJ and AC.

I’ll pay the extra. This is a s&!tshow.

I should have went with my initial instincts and book my daughter’s and my flights with a larger airline. My daughter was scheduled to travel ahead of me from Vancouver to Toronto in August. I booked these flights in April 2022, recently received notification that ALL three separate flight schedules has been cancelled.

Our trip was to attend a memorial for my younger brother who recently passed away in December 2021. I can find the words to express how upset I am with Lynx Air. Filed a ticket accordingly yet haven’t heard back. I’m out of pocket almost $1000…

Lynx Air gave me vouchers, and charged me $180+ to cancel the flights that Lynx Air cancelled themselves. How does anyone comprehend this? So I booked with them again, taking a chance to only be cancelled once again? All of this, along with accommodation and car rental costs; it’s difficult to comprehend there was no thought from Lynx Air about everything else that is affected by this.

In addition to my dismay, my brother’s memorial date is coming near, putting me in a difficult financial position to purchase flights with another airline.

This is clearly not a good start for this airline carrier…

We do not recommend lynx air even at the discount price – not worth anyones time. The fact that you need to pay to talk to customer service is an indication that this airline is terrible. We have used 8 times this summer, not once were they ontime, not once was anything communicated about the delays and no one frankly cares about you and why you need to be somewhere ontime… we booked a bunch of tickets BUT this will be the last of them because they can not be trusted. My son is currently stuck in Vancouver – was suppose to leave at 800pm – it is 1141pm and they just took the information off the board with no one in sight to ask any questions. Yet the website says no change!!! Like WTF? Get you S**T together lynx!

We also had a very unreasonable change of booking without any notice, which caused our trip to be unable to continue, but they did not compensate for any loss.

Have you ever thought about filing a complaint with the Air Canada Agency? Or a class action lawsuit? If anyone wants, we can together, we have 4 people now.

Wanted to support much needed CDN airline competion – instead ended up making ” donation” Lynx should have Delyed Start Up until they were ready to deal with and handle customers ( yes customers )
Would take too mush space to List all Lynx Dissapointment , someone suggested rename from Lynx Air to Lying Air !

On 2 Aug 2022, I travelled with Lynx for the very first time from Toronto to Calgary, the experience was not pleasant for multiple reasons firstly the flight was delaying, then only one check in representative was helping plenty of people taking long to process one person, I stood in line for one and a half hour to get the boarding pass, she gave me boarding pass for gate D33 but the actual gate for lynx flight wasD35 and no one bothered to convey, we passengers were helping each other and guiding where to go for boarding to the plane, finally after 2 hours delay from original flight we made it the aircraft which was originally suppose to fly at 10 pm flew at 12 am, obviously no entertainment or food at the craft which we knew. When I reached my final destination luggage took an hour to make it to the luggage belt, it was heart breaking to see old people, adults, young people and small children were standing around the belt waiting for luggage, and remember it was at 3am at Calgary airport, finally luggage arrived, I was surprised to see my luggage never made it to Calgary , along with couple of more fellows, then we couldn’t see any representatives to file our lost report, finally flair Air desk representative helped us to fill up forms for lost baggage claim, I came home at 4 am without luggage. This was my frustrating journey with Lynx.- ISZST – reference number. I received baggage from flair air after 8 days and no the compensation for going through all this stress caused by Lynx Air. Not recommending Lynx air.

I got an email that my flight to Vancouver and back from Calgary will be both rescheduled, so I change the flight within the day range Lynx provided, but it charged more fee. The original booking included the seat and I have already selected the seat, but in the rescheduled booking, if I select the seat, it charged me. I tried to call twice but wait for more than one hour and no one answered.
I am very disappointed about this booking. All my trips have been rescheduled to very bad flights time. My original trips are both in the daytime at noon, but the rescheduled one will arrive at midnight at 12:47 am, and the back trip needs to depart very early in the morning at 6:55 am. Not only no reason and no compensation from Lynx but also need to charge me more. I really don’t know why. Anyone can give me an explanation?


Reported to Lynx Air: They opened a case number 00033412 but the luggage is still missing since Aug 14, 2022.

I could not receive my suitcase at Pearson airport. The suitcase is large size in hard shell / blue color and was lost on Aug 14, 2022 when flying by Lynx Air from Calgary to Toronto via Winnipeg. The flight number was Y9523. It landed Pearson airport at about 1350 hours.
The luggage Tag number was 0198 Y9 056695
PNR : MX5W93
Y9523 YYZ

Hi Muhammad, I’m sorry to hear about your lost luggage. Visit: to contact Lynx Air and get some support on this issue. I sincerely hope your luggage is recovered soon. Sincerely, Debbie – managing editor, Wander Woman Travel Magazine.

LYNX AIR – Inefficiencies, and Passengers Demise????

In decades of international and local business and personal travel this is the worst experience I have ever had. Never had I thought this would happen on our home soil Canada. On the 1st of September we were already checked in to travel to Halifax and we arrived 3 hours earlier at the check in desk to check in our baggage. We had more than 40 passengers, one ground hostess/attendant who could hardly type. On more than three occasions I met with the attendant and told her we only want to check in our bags. The response was rude to not just me but to most of the travellers who were waiting. Actually I felt that she was not even happy doing the job she was paid for. After a couple of hours she said the flight had left so we had to reschedule. We had to be in Halifax the same day for urgent family issues and then moved on and bought a one way ticket with air Canada. For the past 10 days we have tried to reach the call centre to make modifications and they would not even pick up calls, there was no way to even reschedule online. Yesterday I had two telephone lines simultaneously for almost 4 hours. Today I reached out to someone from the said call centre, and we tried to reschedule the leg from Toronto to Halifax and he told us this could not be credited. So basically (the agent) concluded that because of the incompetence of their staff and inefficiency of their airline my wife and I have to forgo a loss of not only the first leg 180 $. Accountability does not seem to matter with this new airline, nor their reputation. If anyone has similar experiences I would like to know how you resolve this. It might take a long haul, but we have resolved to pursue a resolution of this professional misconduct and customer rip-off for as long as it takes and at any level until this is resolved.

Was about to book a flight for 5 from Toronto to Calgary for Dec 26 2022 as they have a buy-one-get-one-free (off the base fare) deal. Price looks great. Then I read the reviews. Don’t believe there is 1 good review at all. Leaving late. Arriving at 4 am. Baggage lost. No customer service. No communication. Seems like an absolute horror show. No kidding the CEO – Australian – left and came to Canada…she probably got thrown out for making a shambles there…and seems to be doing the same here. Shame…as Canada needs more competition…but I’d rather travel with the devil I know than this airline. Seems like a terrible experience…feel sorry for those that have had horrendous experiences.


I booked Lynx air from the glowing review of this article. Lynx air is too good to be true. I booed my flight Calgary AB to Hamiton ON for October 2022 – booked end of June.

Lynx cancelled my flight in early Sept. They offered me full refund, or rebooking for inconvenience … and I couldn’t go on the dates they offered. I never got a refund email confirming (all done through their website.)

I inquired – and to find out they made my life plan for me – and rebooked the flight. And the killer thing is, the flight there and the return flight were 46 hours apart!!!!

I clearly DID NOT choose this option to go from Calgary to Hamilton for only 46 hours of vacation.

I can’t believe that I trusted this budget airline – I am a single mom. This may be cheap to others, but losing the money is terrible to me. I cannot take the trip even if I wanted too because I cancelled my vacation days at work. I doubt Lynx will care. If they stay afloat, its because they are stealing from people who can’t afford much

Hi Anna, I’m sorry to hear you had this problem. If you haven’t done so, please contact Lynx and explain the situation and see if they will give you a refund. If they don’t provide the promised refund, you could contact your credit card company to see if you can reverse the charge. I had a good experience on Lynx, but it was only one return flight. Best of luck, Debbie

We had originally booked this flight for this morning to go say goodbye to my father who was dying. He passed away last night. I attempted to call your office but you were closed after 7. He had just passed so this was the first opportunity I had to contact you. We then called first thing this morning at 7 am when you opened and were told that they would make an exception to the cancellation if we provided the death certificate. We just got off the phone with Erna who now has said we need to not only provide the death certificate (which by the way is only given to family members) but also provide proof I’m related to my father. I have my married name so I would need to apply for a long form birth certificate to provide that. Absolutely ridiculous! She then said we were a no show for a flight this morning and would not be able to refund or provide us a credit for that flight. We called at 7 am to explain the circumstances and say that we just wanted a credit so that we could go back for his funeral. We have proof of the time of that call. There was no compassion, no consideration at all. We asked to speak to a manager and she refused. I went ahead and cancelled Sundays flight but apparently with your rules the cancellation has to be within 24 hours of booking and 72 hours before the fight. No accomodation was considered for this at all.

I lost my son in 2016. We had to got to Ontario to have his funeral. Westjet was amazing! they did not require proof that we were related. All they needed was the death certificate and they even reduced the cost of our flights. They were so considerate. I am appalled at the treatment we are receiving. I have family in Hamilton and would have used your airline multiple times to go see them. Now that will never happen. I will be going on social media and warning everyone of the awful customer service we have experienced.

Thank you for your review on this new airline. My only concern is that the flight staff knew you were travelling with them and that you would be doing a review on them as you mentioned you met with their CEO. Of course they will be on their best behaviors. However, the countless negative reviews on this airline has me wondering whether or not I should even use them personally. I think in the future, if you are to do a review, maybe pose as a regular customer so that you don’t get any preferential treatment.

Thanks for your feedback, Jessica. It’s true. I flew on the inaugural flight for this airline. There were several journalists on the flight. Since it was an inaugural flight, the CEO was there and they were on best behavior. I haven’t had a chance to take a second flight yet, but I will definitely post about it when I do. For now, reading the comments on the post and online reviews can also provide perspective. Thanks, Debbie

OMG this is SUCH A DODGY airline! My flight from montreal to St.john in march has been cancelled and we received a partial refund from a “NO-Reply” mailbox! This can be considered fraudulent in some countries.

Of course, other than that – we will now have re-book flight very close to flying dates and hence will have to pay way more and this has caused excessive inconvenience to us.

Lynx air has been horrible from start to finish. Issues booking seats, issues paying for luggage, and now 2 hours waiting for our luggage from the plane. There’s no help desk, no reps to be found anywhere and not much help from chatting online or calling their help line. I was told that a rep would come to me when I was chatting online and gave her my location…. But more than 30 minutes later… Still nothing. It’s unbelievable how incompetent this airline is and how horrible their customer service is. Thankfully the pilot at least knew what he was doing and got us to the correct destination safely. Everything else has been disappointment after disappointment.
I unfortunately did not book this flight as it was a work trip. If I had I certainly would not ha e booked with Lynx air and I never will. I will also make sure that all my friends and family members know how incompetent this airline is and never book with them EVER!!!!
Clearly they don’t know what that are doing nor do they have enough staff to do anything.

DO NOT BOOK WITH LYNX AIR… you will have nothing but issues!!!!


Instead of leaving a response on this poor lady’s blog, let’s all report Lynx to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), They process complaints and settles disputes between travellers and airlines. Contact them at:

Hopefully if enough of us complain to them about Lynx, something can be done about this shady airline and their HORRENDOUS customer service.

GOOD luck to us all in holding crappy businesses accountable; no matter how big or small!

Do not book with this airline.
Run the other way.
Leaving Pearson 2 plus hours late.
Changed gate at last minute
Never any announcement
Word of mouth amongst passengers passed around.
Took bus to plane across runway.
Return flight from Calgary. Boarding flight but passengers were turned around in jetway no less.
Again gate changed. Again never any announcement. Again Word of mouth.
Again stay away from this airline.

Spoke to other passengers who were returning home on my outbound flight. Unanimous in agreement to never ever fly with this airline. Always minimum 2 hours late.
Missed meetings . Other horror stories.
Never ever any announcement nor explanation nor apologies. Not cheap. Hitting up passengers when boarding for $80.00 plus. Disgusting.
Just stay away.

Nous avons acheté le billet 13195465455 aller-retour mais pourquoi le vol retour n’est pas confirmé ?

C’est à vous de me trouver une solution pour le vol retour et non me rembourser l’argent. Soit vous devrez annuler les deux vols aller et retour

S’il faut rembourser l’argent , il faudra le faire pour tout le trajet aller et retour aujourd’hui pour me permettre de payer un autre billet dans une autre compagnie vu l’urgence .
Merci de me partager l’adresse mail et le contact de personne que je peux contacter directement .
En attente de votre réaction , je vous en prie.

I had 2 flights of this airline. I regretted it twice. the delay was more than 3 hours, but they fix a delay of 2 hours 50 minutes by sending a message to the post office. at that time I was on the plane and told my spouse that I was very late. I arrived very late because of which I had to take a taxi and also pay for late check-in. the airline company refuses to compensate for the damage. there were also a lot of problems with the flight delay on the return flight. rudeness at the reception. they didn’t want to register me and another woman with a child. just a terrible aviation company, I do not advise using it. the most negative emotions and a spoiled vacation

We had a flight from YUL to YYT 2 weeks ago, and Lynx Air lost our luggage. After two weeks they do not know where it is!!!! they do not answer us clearly. Their customer service is awful and disappointing.

I just booked a return flight from fort myers to Toronto but based on what I’m reading in reviews I’m going to write the costs of the flight off as a bad experience rather than risk the experience I don’t want.
I’m not even going to try to get a refund.
Thanks for the heads up.!

Hi John, Thanks for visiting our website. It’s entirely up to you what you do about the Lynx flight you’ve already booked. I just wanted to point out that I flew on Lynx and had a good experience. The reviews are not great overall and you will have to pay a larger than average fee for checked or carry-on bags, but there are flights that go ahead as planned with Lynx. It may not be a bad experience. People who have a bad experience tend to comment more than people who had a satisfactory experience. Just saying… Best of luck – whatever you decide. -Debbie

Dear Wanderwoman
We Flew Lynx Air from Calgary to Hamilton in Nov 2023. The flight to Hamilton was uneventful. A Day before our return flight we were notified that our return flight would be Cancelled and our return flight to Calgary from Hamilton would be a week later with no other options. Calling the customer service line was not an option because it was hours to speak to a human. We had work commitments so we took it a-pond ourselves to relocate and take a flight from Toronto to Calgary the next day. There were extra cost for an overnight stay, relocating the rental car return to Toronto and a last minute flight with another airline. I applied for compensation and was denied. They conveniently used the words Maintenance and Safety. Therefore you are on your own. I can’t believe they didn’t have another plane in service to help the situation. I am writing this review to provide other customers the lessons I had with Lynx Air and to encourage you to do your home work checking other reviews before getting lured into the Marketing of a low cost airline. As a result it cost us an addition $1500.

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