An image of the interior of a Lynx Air airplane.
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Lynx Airline Review – What You Should Know About Canada’s Newest Budget Airline

Thinking about booking a flight with Lynx? This Lynx Airline review will tell you everything you need to know about Canada’s newest budget airline. Lynx Air officially took off on its first flight from Calgary to Vancouver on April 7, 2022 and Wander Woman Travel Magazine was there! We checked out the new plane, met the CEO and other staff, experienced a return flight and learned all about the airline. Along the way, we found out what happens on an inaugural flight. Here’s what you should know if you’re planning to book a flight with Lynx Air.

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An image of a flight attendant and pilot greeting passengers as they board a Lynx Airline flight - Lynx Airline Review.
You can expect a friendly greeting when you board a Lynx flight. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

New Airplanes or Old Airplanes – What Kind of Airplanes Does Lynx Air Use?

Lynx Air operates a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 aircraft. I could smell the new airplane smell when I walked onto the inaugural flight from Calgary to do research for this Lynx Airline Review. In case you’re wondering, new airplane smell is a lot like new car smell only bigger. The plane was pristine and had a decent amount of legroom. There are no plugins or USB ports on this plane. There are also no screens, Wi-Fi or entertainment onboard.

An image of a Lynx Air airplane - Lynx Airline Review.
Lynx Airline has a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 airplanes. Photo Credit: Lynx Air

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Lynx Airline Review – How Many Planes Does Lynx Air Have?

As of April 7, 2022, Lynx Air has three brand-new planes. The company has ambitious plans to grow its fleet to 46 Boring 737 aircraft over the next five to seven years. At the time of their inaugural flight, Lynx Air employed 165 people, but they are planning to grow their workforce to more than 400 by the end of the year.

An image of a flight attendant on Lynx Air giving the safety instructions - Lynx Airline Review.
Other than the lower price, you won’t notice many differences from other Canadian airlines when you’re flying with Lynx. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

If you want entertainment on a Lynx Air flight, bring it with you. My preference is a good book and I really love this one.

Where Does Lynx Air Fly?

Lynx Air’s inaugural flight was from Calgary to Vancouver. The airline will begin flying from Calgary to Toronto on April 11. It is adding service to Kelowna on April 15, Winnipeg on April 19 and Victoria on May 12. The airline will be adding two more aircraft to its fleet in the next few months and plans to operate 148 flights per week coast to coast across Canada by summer 2022.

An image of a Lynx Cookie.
Bring your own snacks. They gave out cookies and cupcakes at the gate during the inaugural flight, but food isn’t normally provided on Lynx flights. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Review – The Good Things About Flying with Lynx Airlines

There are some good reasons to consider flying with Lynx Airlines and here’s what we found out in our Lynx Airline review. The first reason is the fare. With some tickets starting as low as $39, you can’t beat it. Lynx Air’s CEO Merren McArthur put it best, “Airfares have been too high for too long in Canada, and we aim to change that.” The second positive is that Lynx Air is flying with brand-new Boeing 737 planes. They’re not fancy, but they’re nice. This is a budget airline and you pay for what you want and don’t pay for extras you don’t plan to use.

An image of the beverage service on Lynx Air - Lynx Airline Review.
If your flight is over a certain length, they will give out water on Lynx Air flights. If you want coffee or any other kind of beverage, you’ll have to buy it in the airport and bring it onboard. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Review – The Bad Things About Flying with Lynx Airlines

Some airlines include carry-on bags in the price of the ticket, but Lynx Air does not. You don’t get a complimentary carry-on bag with Lynx. You get one free personal item, which is the size of a small backpack at most. Be sure to calculate the cost of baggage into the total ticket price. If you want onboard entertainment, beverage service, snacks and meals provided on your flight, Lynx isn’t for you. If you want to splurge on first class, you can’t do it on Lynx. There is only one class of service. Lynx is an ultra-affordable airline and you pay for any extra services like seat assignments, carry-on and checked baggage. Because this airline is completely new, we also don’t have accurate information about their on-time performance and customer service satisfaction.

Want to see what it’s like to be on an inaugural flight of a brand new airline, check out our short video.

Tips for Flying on Lynx Air – Lynx Airlines Review

There are a few things you can do to make your travel experience better when you’re flying with Lynx Air.

  • There’s no inflight entertainment. Bring a book or a magazine to read.
  • Download a movie, music or other entertainment onto your own electronic device.
  • Be sure that your electronic devices are fully charged, because there are no plugins onboard.
  • Pack an empty water bottle and fill it once you are through security.
  • Bring snacks from home.
  • You can also purchase beverages, snacks and meals at the airport before stepping onto the plane.
  • Purchase checked or carry-on bags before you arrive at the airport and you will save money.
  • Always do your online check-in. It will allow you to reconfirm your flight times and it lets the airline know you’re coming.
An image of Merren McArthur, CEO of Lynx Air with an excited passenger.
Merren McArthur, CEO of Lynx Air, was on hand at the inaugural Lynx Air flight and she graciously took pictures with passengers. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Merren McArthur – Lynx Air’s Awesome Experienced Female CEO

Lynx Air has an incredibly experienced CEO. Merren McArthur served as CEO of ultra low-cost carrier Tigerair Australia. She was also CEO of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines and founding CEO of Virgin Australia Cargo. McArthur knows a thing or two about running a low cost carrier and that experience will benefit Lynx Air. “We are super excited to be finally taking to the skies today,” she said at the inaugural flight ceremony in Calgary. “Lynx is on a mission to make air travel accessible to all Canadians, with a transparent à la carte pricing model, which empowers passengers to pick and pay for the services they want, so they can save money on the trip and spend where it counts – at their destination.”

An image of the ribbon cutting at YVR airport in Vancouver for Lynx Air.
There were ribbon cuttings in the Calgary and the Vancouver airports to commemorate the inaugural Lynx Air flights. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

What is an Inaugural Flight Like?

Flying on the inaugural flight for a brand new airline was a first for me and it was a real eye opener. There were media members in attendance as well as people who had just booked tickets and were unaware when they made the purchase that they would be on an inaugural route. There were also people onboard who had specifically purchased their tickets because it was an inaugural flight. On the flight from Calgary to Vancouver, everyone on board was given a free Lynx umbrella. On the flight from Vancouver to Calgary, everyone on board was given a pair of Lynx sunglasses to celebrate the occasion. They passed out cupcakes outside the gate in Calgary and cookies outside the gate in Vancouver. There were ribbon cuttings in both destinations and speeches of course. In Vancouver, there was a DJ and First Nations singing and drumming. Before the plane took off from Vancouver, it was baptized with everyone on board. There was a jovial spirit about this flight with clapping at takeoff and landing. During the flight, the CEO walked down the aisles and visited with passengers. It was a fun experience all in all.

An image of airplane baptism for Lynx Air at Vancouver airport.
Airplane baptism is a thing. Who knew? Everyone clapped after the plane was sprayed. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Airplane Baptism is a Real Thing

The airplane baptism ritual is a worldwide tradition and I experienced it on the flight from Vancouver to Calgary. As we were getting ready to depart from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), our pilot steered the plane to pass between two fire trucks. The fire trucks sprayed water over the plane as it went past. This ritual was used to celebrate the new route, the new aircraft and the new airline. Apparently, this is a thing in the airline industry. It was not unique to Lynx Air.

An image of an airplane viewed from the airplane viewing deck at YVR Vancouver airport.
If you like airplane watching, you might be a #AvGeek. Just saying. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

What is an AvGeek?

AvGeeks are real. I learned that on the Lynx Air inaugural flight. An Aviation Geek or AvGeek, is someone who is passionate about aviation and that passion shines through in many ways. The hashtag, #AvGeek, is a thing on social media. You don’t need to be a pilot or work in the aviation business to be an AvGeek. A whole group of AvGeeks booked themselves on the Lynx Air inaugural flight. Some of them flew in from other destinations including the USA to travel on the new airline’s first flight. Other AvGeek activities include airplane watching, reading about aviation and posting on social media about aviation. Some AvGeeks have such substantial followings that they are considered airline influencers and they get invited on inaugural flights and to other events to help promote airlines.

An image of flight attendants on Lynx Air.
My Lynx Air Review – It was a nice flight. The planes are new, the flight attendants are friendly and the no frills price is nice. Photo by Debbie Olsen.

Lynx Airline Review Summary

Here’s the summary of our Lynx Airline review based on two flights and extensive research. Lynx Air is an exciting new ultra affordable Canadian airline. It has a fleet of brand-new planes that are certified by Transport Canada. The airline is led by a very experienced CEO who should help it to succeed in a competitive market. I had a good experience flying from Calgary to Vancouver return with Lynx. The plane was comfortable, the staff was pleasant and it was a good experience overall. Be aware that carry-on bags are not included and add that cost to the ticket price if you’re thinking of booking a flight with Lynx. I would be fine with flying Lynx Air again.

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  • Susan Wong

    I booked a Air ticket from Vancouver to Toronto on June 20th. Carrier Y9 Flight no.9121. May I check that this is a Lynx ticket. Thanks!

    • wanderwoman

      Hi Susan. It sounds like you’re flying with Lynx! The IATA code for Lynx is Y9. I believe the flight number is 121 for that particular flight. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your flight. The new plane I was on was quite nice. I missed the seatback entertainment, but I’d give that up if the price is right. 🙂 Have a good trip! -Debbie

      • Antilynx

        Flew last night from Toronto to Vancouver. First our flight was changed from mid afternoon to 10:30 pm. We checked one bag between the two of us. Upon arrival we realized they lost our bag. We have not been getting any support from the airline to locate our luggage or details on when we will receive it. We are only here for the weekend and have had to buy new clothes and toiletries. The airlines customer service directs you to send emails and will not put you in contact with anyone from the baggage department. We have sent multiple emails and received no responses. I would not recommend flying with Lynx. Their service is terrible and if you need support you will be left frustrated and out a ton more cash than you save.

      • wanderwoman

        Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Thanks for sharing your comments with other readers. I hope your luggage shows up soon and I hope the airline corrects the issues with their customer service. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Shelly Ann C Petz

    The customer service at Lynx Air is beyond disgraceful. I submitted an exemption 10 days ago. Two days ago, I received an email advising that the exemption was not approved as their form did not include the words “A Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta”, which is always pre-printing in the form below where a Commissioner for Oaths signs. I am supposed to fly on Lynx Air tomorrow but I still have not received confirmation that the exemption has been accepted, even though the Lynx Air form has been amended and the words “A Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta” has been printed by hand above the Commissioner for Oaths signature. Unbelievable that a person still does not know whether they can take the flight the day before the scheduled flight leaving the person unable to make plans including transportation to the from the airport and inability to confirm accommodation.

  • Paul

    My wife flew to YVR from YYC and thought that the backpack she got from our 8 yr old grandson was small enough, but apparently not. $31.50 later she boarded the flight. The flight was good and the staff was as good too. Upon her arrival , and a text message to me about the charge for the backpack, we noted that it appeared that she was charged twice for the carry on backpack.
    I sent an email to them to confirm it and 2 days later I have still not received a reply. I called the customer service number and was on hold and the recording stated that if I wanted to speak to the call center I would be charged a fee, but that I could continue to hold. After 30 minutes I gave up.
    I also attempted to get her some assistance in getting from the airplane to the arrivals lounge in Calgary as it’s quite a long walk and her legs are not that good.(70 yrs) I sent another email to that end, and again have yet to hear anything back as to whether that is a chargeable service as well, or if they will be able to help her or not.
    I checked her in for her return flight and paid again for the backpack and then tried to print or email or download a boarding pass but no go. The email option stated that the boarding pass was “not able to be printed” and the download file for the boarding pass was corrupted and would not download. I attempted several times for both options and on a PC and on a Tablet and its a no go. The call center is of course closed.
    The payment for the bag however had no difficulty being processed through my credit card.
    A pretty disappointing way to start in my opinion. The flight price was good, and now we know that anything bigger than a small purse will cost 31.50. I think once you figure in the ancillary charges there is really no savings involved. If your travelling with the clothes on your back your probably good to go. This backpack that my wife had was, as stated, my 8yr old grandsons school backpack that was apparently too large.
    Nevertheless, the inability to speak to anyone about anything without the fees racking up, and the lack of email response, and the website that will not allow you to print or email boarding passes I’m afraid I will just move back to WJ or AC, or Flair.
    Lynx air definitely have some issues to deal with before I would consider coming back.
    The overall experience was frustrating.

  • Mei

    I just wonder why they only allow people to carry a purse size to put under your seat and leave all that above cabin safe empty if not many people I assume is going to pay for a carry on.

    • wanderwoman

      Hi Mei, Thanks for your comment. You make a good point. Charging for carry-on and checked bags is one of the revenue sources for discount carriers like Lynx. The personal item is about the size of a small backpack, but you need to measure it to be certain your personal item is within the allowed size to ensure you don’t get charged extra for a carry-on bag. If you will need a carry-on, you need to add that into the cost of a ticket, so you can see if it really is a savings over scheduled airlines that include carry-on bags in their fees. -Debbie

  • Colleen Lamoureusx

    I purchased a ticket with Lynx Air for a ticket out of Toronto to Calgary. Sept. 6/22 return Calgary to Toronto on Sept. 20/22 for Colleen Wilda Conley-Lamoureux and my husband Roger Lamoureux

    We would seriously like to shorten our trip to an earlier one from Calgary to Toronto and were wondering if this would be possible? Would there be an additional cost? Please get back to me. Thank you.

    Colleen Conley-Lamoureux

    • wanderwoman

      Hi Colleen, You need to visit Go into manage my booking and see if you can make the change there. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Lynx Air by phone at 877-897-LYNX (5969) between 8 am and 5 pm MST or email them at [email protected]. Lynx Air will be able to tell you if you can change your flights and if so whether or not there is a fee to do it. I hope this helps. -Debbie

    • wanderwoman

      Hi Dianne, You should contact Lynx Air to inquire about their pet policy and whether they will allow you to take a small puppy in a carrier pod on the plane. If they allow it, you’ll want to find out if there is a fee. You can contact Lynx Air by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-877-897-LYNX (5969). We’d love it if you would post what you find back here for other readers. Thanks! Debbie

  • Jo-Ann Lloyd

    Wanting to travel to St John’s Newfoundland with my sister who needs a Wheelchair or Walker.
    Can you let me know what the charge would be for
    Thank you.

  • Marjorie Zigomanis

    We had a flight to Winnipeg on May 19/22 and return on May 22/22…It was a great process, I would fly with this airline anytime. Thanks for a great time!!!

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