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Laugh Out Loud Funny Travel Quotes

Laugh Out Loud Funny Travel Quotes

We hope these funny travel quotes will make you smile and maybe even giggle a little. They say that laughter is the best medicine and if that’s true, we could all use more of it. Laughing relieves stress, relaxes muscles, boosts your immune system and burns calories. Some researchers believe that laughing can help you live a longer life. Here at Wander Woman Travel Magazine, we are committed the motto: “live well, laugh often and travel much.”

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Funny Travel Quotes by Actual Comedians

Comedians get paid to be funny and they travel a lot for work. Stuff is bound to happen when you travel, so it isn’t surprising when travel humor comes up in a stand up routine or a monologue. We hope you find some of these quotes funny. They made us smile.

An image of a gravel road with a quoteby Jerry Seinfeld - funny travel quotes.
An image with a funny travel quote by Steve Martin.
An image with a funny travel quote by Stephen Colbert.
An image with a funny travel quote by Bob Hope.
An image with a funny travel quote by W.C. Fields.
An image of a road sign with a funny Geirge Carlin travel quote.

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Famous Writers Give Funny Travel Quotes Too

We found these travel quotes by famous writers funny and we hope you do too. We’d also recommend you read more of their writing. Bill Bryson and Dave Barry have a lot of funny things to say about travel. Mark Twain is hilarious.

An image of a train with a funny Oscar Wilde travel quote.
An image with a funny travel quote by Bill Bryson.

Funny Travel Quotes by Other People

Some of the rest of us who aren’t comedians can occasionally come up big. I’m not sure if Britney Spears was trying to be funny when she gave this first quote, but I suspect she was serious. And that makes it even funnier.

Funny Travel Books

If you’re looking for a good read and a good laugh, check out Bill Bryson’s bestselling travel book, Neither Here Nor There. His book, A Walk in the Woods, is also delightful. If you’d like to read some classic Mark Twain one-liners based on his much-publicized 1867 transatlantic cruise, you can’t go wrong with The Innocents Abroad.

Unknown Authors Say the Darndest Things

We’re not sure where the quotes below came from, but it wasn’t from us. Sayings are worth repeating if you can relate to them. At the moment, we can relate to both of these.

An image of a beach scene with the quote - "I need vitamin sea"

More Stuff to Laugh About

We’ve got a lot of great advice in the Don’t Do This section of our site. If you like to laugh, check out our post about How Not to Get on an Airplane.

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