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Anamaya Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica – Resort Review

Anamaya Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica – Resort Review

My husband had never really done yoga before our visit to Anamaya Yoga Retreat Costa Rica and if he ever felt that yoga was for sissies, he doesn’t feel that way anymore. On the first day of our one-week holiday, I looked over to see him shaking as he strained to hold a pose. His heels were almost touching his head – a position he hadn’t experienced since his time in the womb. He was doing better than I was, since I had already rolled out of the position and was watching him.

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An image of the infinity pool at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica - yoga retreat Costa Rica
When you’re not in yoga or surf class, there’s time to enjoy Anamaya Resort’s infinity pool or walk down to the beach. Photo by GREG OLSEN

A Healthful Holiday

We had both been a little nervous about booking a yoga vacation until we heard about Anamaya Yoga Retreat Costa Rica. Anamaya Resort is a boutique health and wellness retreat located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. The word “Anamaya” is Sanskrit for “good health.” The small specialty resort offers yoga retreats, spa treatments, surfing clinics, hiking and other excursions along with a healthy and delicious included menu made mostly from organic produce grown on their own farm paired with locally-sourced fish and meat.

An image of a group of people in a yoga class at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica - Yoga Retreat Costa Rica
A yoga retreat at Anamaya Resort includes morning and evening yoga and meditation classes. Photo by GREG OLSEN

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What a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica is Like

On our first morning at Anamaya Yoga Retreat Costa Rica, we arose at 7 am to enjoy a pre-breakfast snack before heading to the morning yoga class. The resort has one of the world’s most scenic yoga studios. It is surrounded by rain forest and has incredible ocean views.

A pair of men doing yoga at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica - Yoga Retreat Costa Rica
David and Scott demonstrating their yoga prowess (and joking around) during a yoga class. Photo by GREG OLSEN

As beginners, we were both a little nervous but for different reasons. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up if all the other guests were at a more advanced level than me. My husband’s biggest worry was that he was going to be the only man in the class. It didn’t take long to realize that neither of us needed to be concerned. There was a mix of men and women of all skill levels – some couples and some singles. Our certified yoga instructor, Kim Goyette, had a master’s degree in exercise science. She designed an effective program that incorporated Hatha, Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga practices for our diverse group.

An image of a surfing class at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica - Yoga Retreat Cista Rica
When we weren’t doing yoga, we took surfing lessons. Photo by GREG OLSEN

Each morning we enjoyed an hour-long yoga class to start the day and each evening we ended the day with an hour of yoga and meditation before dinner.  In between there were hikes to the waterfalls, a canopy ziplining excursion, surfing lessons, spa treatments and a beach bonfire.

An image of a woman riding a wave at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica - Yoga Retreat Costa Rica
There’s nothing quite like the thrill of standing on a surfboard and riding a wave for the very first time. Photo by GREG OLSEN

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Lifelong Lasting Change

After seven days of healthy eating, surfing and hiking, spa treatments and twice daily yoga, we were feeling better than we had in months. It was the kick start we needed to make lifestyle changes that have had lasting effects – lifestyle changes that include yoga as part of a regular exercise regimen. “The Nicoya peninsula was identified as one of the world’s blue zones, or areas in the world where people statistically live longer lives,” said Geoff McCabe CEO and co-owner of the resort.  “It just makes sense to have a health and wellness retreat in a place where the environment is pure and where people live long, heathy lives. When you spend time here, your stress levels go way down.”

An image of a couple sitting on a beach in Costa Rica - Yoga Retreat Costa Rica
Sometimes it’s good to just relax and enjoy the sunset when you’re in Costa Rica. Photo by GREG OLSEN

If You Go:

  • A stay at Anamaya Resort starts at $795 USD per week for a dorm-style room for one person or $1195 USD per person per week for a double room. This price includes three meals daily and snacks. Wine and beer are available for an extra charge with dinner. The resort caters to both singles and couples. Retreat packages are an additional cost and start at $95 USD per week for a package that just includes daily yoga instruction. Other packages include excursions, yoga, surfing lessons or spa treatments. Guests can choose the add-on retreat package most suited to their interests directly from the resort. For more information on packages and retreats visit the resort website.
  • Anamaya Yoga Retreat Costa Rica is located in Montezuma area. The resort is situated on a cliff edge and is surrounded by rain forest. It has beautiful ocean views, but you have to hike or drive down a steep hill to get to the beach and the town.
An image of a beach sunset on the Nicoya Peninsula - Yoga Retreat Costa Rica
One of the beautiful sunsets on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica – Photo by GREG OLSEN

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